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What would you think about a guy who wears womens underwear?

if he liked to wear women's underwear vs mens like Victoria secrets because it was comfortable or because of the fabric

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  • It amazes me how so many women say "they'd think he was gay" its underwear not full on drag. Why would a gay guy want to wear women's underwear. Women are so much more close minded then men this site proves it on any "taboo" style question. I personally don't own any male underwear and wear sports bras due to my gynecomastia. I have a loving girlfriend who yes finds it weird but I workout heavily and am honestly quite disgusted by the gay thing while I support them cause everyone deserves to be happy it just grosses me.out

    Iwear it cause it's much more comfortable than boxers I don't like my nuts in the summer sticking.to my leg and I don't like the bouncing.of my d*** and balls.when.I run cardio plus I like how I don't have to.fix myboxers.or adjust when I put on pants just slide on and go.

    next time you wear your boyfriends boxers or your own remember how.disgusted and "gay" it is to.wear underwear designed for.the other gender

    People are idiots

What Girls Said 22

  • that you have a fetish.

  • LOL, I don't know about that..

    could you imagine a girl pulling down your pants..and seeing this? link

    • I think a girl would find that irresistable lol :p

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    • Ew, no.. Just no..

    • LOL the p**** goes from wet to dry instantly.

  • Ok, here goes: Please understand,that it is definitely outside of most peoples expectations,of what is considered "normal". Now this: I;m strange too, because not only am I not freaked out by it, I actually find it sexy.In fact, I've known many guys, that enjoy similar things.I've actually helped out some guys, by taking them shopping for their own things(rather than stealing mine),helped with their make-up and transformations and then take them out to clubs.It's a lot of fun! As for just simply wearing ladies things for comfort, why not? They are prettier, are made out of silkier materials usually, and probably feel better against your skin and genitalia,than boring old mens cotten briefs. Hey, have fun, enjoy, and go for it. I would advise against wearing them on dtaes until you're absolutely sure about your girls thoughts,in this area. There aren't many other women like me, and I wouldn't want to see you feeling hurt.

    • What got you interested in feminizing guys?

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    • It is easier for guys with a strong woman to guide and help them...

    • I know babe.I feel sorry for guys that don't have this type of support system,for them. I can only wish you well, on your feminine journey, since I can't be there to help all of you in person.Stay strong.

  • Interesting. But I wouldn't care. I've had my share of men underpants.

  • Other people are not wearing your underwear so go ahead.

    If you like it than do it. It doesn't concern anyone else but you and victoria secret!

  • Lol. That's kinda odd. Like I can't imagine that'd be comfortable... Ladies underwear isn't made to be a banana hammock...

  • I personally would be turned off if I saw my boyfreind in girls underwear. If the guy (who is not boyfriend) liked to wear girls underwear I don't find it offensive at all. Whatever floats your boat.

  • I personally won't judge you by gender standards , if you feel comfy then feel free with your under garments.

  • I would think he is hot and adventurous...I wear my husband underwear all the time anyway LOL. The real problem would be prejudice from adolescents, specially guys.

  • Clothes are just that clothes it is the person that matters

  • I would think he was gay or really weird

  • I would think that you wanted to be a woman. And have small genitals.

  • Weird...that SHOULD NOT be comfortable to any male with an even remotely visible penis...

  • Cuckoo cuckoo

  • -_- umm eww, no. -_-

  • hmmm... idk. I don't think I'd be a fan.

  • strange...

  • I would find that very very strange, I would wonder why he was wearing women's underwear, but then I'd probably assume that he was gay, and I would not want to talk to him...lol. that's just awkward knowing that a guy is wearing the same type of underewear that I am.

  • that they're sick and twisted.

  • I'd be so ready to have sex with a man, sprawled on my bed, in tight lacy panties. :) Super sexy in my opinion, probably because of the "thrill" aspect of how different it is.

    • thank you I wear lace panties and that made me feel a bit better about my self

  • I'd think he was homosexual, and definitely think it was completely strange! What do you mean because of the fabric? Like the silky feeling, or are you talking about lace? You can buy silky feeling boxers or briefs! That's just strange..

  • I think that it would be uncomfortable, maybe strange, I truly would not be a big fan of that.

What Guys Said 5

  • How do guys manage that... I mean I don't understand where the appeal is and girls underwear is not designed to hold anything at all in the front so there is no space at all... How the foo could that be comfertable?

    From a guys perspective I would view him as a cross dresser, most likely homosexual or bisexual

  • lmfao rofl. john tucker status

  • Hey you crossdress also?

  • I prefer a thong from Victoria's Secret over men's brief. It is for comfort.

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