What would you think about a guy who wears womens underwear?

if he liked to wear women's underwear vs mens like Victoria secrets because it was comfortable or because of the fabric


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  • It amazes me how so many women say "they'd think he was gay" its underwear not full on drag. Why would a gay guy want to wear women's underwear. Women are so much more close minded then men this site proves it on any "taboo" style question. I personally don't own any male underwear and wear sports bras due to my gynecomastia. I have a loving girlfriend who yes finds it weird but I workout heavily and am honestly quite disgusted by the gay thing while I support them cause everyone deserves to be happy it just grosses me.out

    Iwear it cause it's much more comfortable than boxers I don't like my nuts in the summer sticking.to my leg and I don't like the bouncing.of my d*** and balls.when.I run cardio plus I like how I don't have to.fix myboxers.or adjust when I put on pants just slide on and go.

    next time you wear your boyfriends boxers or your own remember how.disgusted and "gay" it is to.wear underwear designed for.the other gender

    People are idiots