Why are guys so immature?

im in high school, and I feel like the guys around me are so immature. I know I'm far from perfect (after all, I'm putting off chem homework in order to blog and do my yoga project), but the way they act, become so animated over small things, do they do it on purpose? or are they truly unaware of how appalling their behavior is, to me a 17 year old girl (not a teacher!)

Most Helpful Guy

  • What is your idea of what a mature 17 year old guy should be?

    • someone who acts at LEAST as mature as I did at 13. diving across classrooms and pretending to tackle teachers and singing about how they like p**** lips in front of me just doesn't fit my expectations, but am I asking for too much?

    • You are not asking for too much, but I can tell you that you won't easily find what you're looking for in guys that . Some guys want to thoroughly enjoy their youth and to get away with behavior that would be frowned upon lets say 5 years later. Most guys want to live in the moment and others may think more long term. You should think of the priorities and responsibilities of a 17 year old