Dealing with trust issues.

I've been lied to, used, and betrayed in the past and it's left me with trust issues. Probably boarding on the lines of paranoia.

What's the best way to tell the person you are with that you have trust issues to help deal with problems before they happen?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think if you can find someone who is worth being with who you know won't hurt you and lie to you, that your trust issues will go down. I can't necessarily say that they will go away for ever because I'm the same as you I have trust issues. But if you find someone that is truthful to you you can open up your trust issues and learn to trust that person. If you don't open up your heart fully to them right at first and slowly let them it. It'll help you know that person more and you'll slowly gain the trust you need in that person.


What Girls Said 3

  • Be honest. If they are worth it, they will ease your paranoia. And give you no reason to not trust them. There are a lot of good girls who will do that out there.

  • Just be real with them. tell them what happened to you and how it's made you feel and the fact that you need help working on it. they'll understand you better.


What Guys Said 2

  • Don't do it. If you tell a girl this she isn't going to think that you're sweet and just met the wrong gal. She'll think you're either weak or that you like bad relationships/crappy women. Neither scenario is good for you.

    It sucks when someone lies to you and takes advantage of you, but you need to live in the moment. When you meet Suzy with the sweet ass you need to just appreciate her for her. It's not Suzy's job to fix what Stacey the bitch did. Why burden her with that?

    Bottom line is this. When you meet Suzy, step outside, take in a deep breath and look at the sun. Then be happy man. You have to be willing to trust the girl before you can enter a relationship. Otherwise you're looking to make it conditional and she'd be wise to pass you by.

  • I would just tell her. Don't mince words, just tell her. And tell her why you're bringing it up, because you don't want problems based on trust, and she'll realize that she has to earn your trust, rather than wondering why she doesn't already have it, because then she'll know. Make sense?