What do guys mean when they call you babe?

I've been texting a guy for a few months and have hung out with him a few times. He is very sweet and was always respectful and he has told me he really likes me. He recently stopped texting me so a week and a half later I texted him asking if he would want to hang out when I'm in town with my friends. He replied saying "(my name), you know I wanna see you when you come down! Just a time and place babe ;)".

He hasn't called me babe in awhile so I was surprised. I can't tell if he only see's me for one thing (even though I go to school 3 hours away and he has texted me for 3 months). What does he mean by babe? Is it just a term of endearment or something guys use when they talk to multiple girls?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Personally, I use the words "babe" and "sweety" as a word of flirtation and attraction.

    I use those words rather loosely, and other people are REALLY strict about using those terms.

    Seeing he is "sweet and respectful"...he probably means that he truly cares about you. :)