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What do guys mean when they call you babe?

I've been texting a guy for a few months and have hung out with him a few times. He is very sweet and was always respectful and he has told me he... Show More

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  • Personally, I use the words "babe" and "sweety" as a word of flirtation and attraction.

    I use those words rather loosely, and other people are REALLY strict about using those terms.

    Seeing he is "sweet and respectful"...he probably means that he truly cares about you. :)

What Guys Said 4

  • it's a flirtation, implies he may put moves on you when you see him in person. Be ready for that! Whether it seems a good idea to you or not..either way, be ready!

  • I can't speak for him, but I have only ever used "babe" when talking to a girl I was in a relationship with already or wanted to be in one with.

  • Yeah it's basically just a petname. Right up there with "dear", "doll", "hon" or whatever. It might be somewhat endearing but who knows. I think this is really one of those things you should use your "women's intuition" on and basically just go with that. It really could be anything. Still, I say if it makes you feel good, then at least you have that, but don't overthink it much.

    Probably just an idle petname.

What Girls Said 2

  • It REALLY depends what you're doing when he calls you babe/baby.

    Via text, it's possibly just a casual flirtation. He's trying to show some level of endearment that isn't as obvious as sweetie/honey/any other term that may allow you to start over thinking his motives.

    Since we're girls, of course, any attempt a guy makes to stop us form over thinking anything they do/say a thing is relatively futile. Sigh.

    Just see how it goes when you meet up. Watch his eyes and don't verbally bug him about what he means. His eyes and gestures will tell you everything you need to know.

    Bask in the moment and just take it for what it's worth -- a simple term of flirtatious endearment.

  • Its always situational, but you can't make too much of it. Most of the time its just a flirty thing. Most guys say it without even realizing it. I'm sure he does like you and care, but there's no way to tell by that alone.

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