Why won't he take me out again?

I have been seeing this guy for about 3 months now and he has only taken me out once. All we do is hang out at each others place; talk, watch TV or a movie and have sex. I really want to go out and do something, but I don't want to nag him about it. I have dropped some hints and we have even made plans twice, but something seems to always come up for him.

There are some things I have considered: He was unemployed for a while and has just recently got a job, so I don't know if money was a issue for him. Also his last two relationships were not so great and ended badly and he may not want to rush into anything and it turns out like the others. Last he's had a crush on me on me for a couple years and the first time we meet around 2004/2005 I ignored him. Then in 2010 he tried again and we talked for about a month, but that ended, because I was not ready for a relationship. So now this year when I'm finally ready I think he may be a little hesitant and that I may reject him again.

I'm just wondering if any of those things play into him not taking me out again or does he not want to be seen with me in public. Its frustrating because now that I'm ready for a relationship he seems to be dragging his feet. What is going on?!


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  • i think you to are grow enough..if you ask him out don't hide it make it as forward as possible. he's gotta take your seriously..otherwise I don't think he is ready right now:)


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  • Its all of those things combined. Why don't you make plans and take him out. You should talk about it, maybe he's just not picking up on your hints. There are so many possibilities, it would be impossible to know why he's not taking you out again.

  • Well in theory..he should fine going out with you if he is hanging with you anyway...some people just don't like to go out...why don't you invite him to go do something with you? Nedd not nag or pester him...merely make an offer...lol...maybe one he can'ty refuse...(:

  • Yeah women have this need to "go out" and do things in public too often...

    Why blow money on pointless things like restaurants, shopping, events, and all that garbage when you can stay at home and make dinner and watch a movie? Isn't being together and enjoying each other enough? This is where women always drive me nuts - they insist on being seen by others when they're with their significant other. After a while, it just seems to be some kind of showing off contest.


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  • Guys don't get hints. Why don't you take HIM out? If you want to go do something, tell him. Don't beat around the bush, guys really don't get hints.

  • Because he just wants sex. You indirectly set the rules that hanging out = sex. So he doesn't feel the need to take you out. You cannot undo this. Find someone else to hangout with and DO NOT sleep with them.

  • either invite him to do something with you, or next time you're at his place, do it impulsively. Just say "hey, want to take a walk in the park with me?"