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What does it mean when a boy makes eye contact with you while talking and he knows you like him?

There is this boy at my school and he found my notebook and it said I love (his name) all over it. Then there was this party for are school 3 hours... Show More

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  • Well... You know how every girl is different? Well, so is every guy... BUT. My guess would be: Yes, the guy is into you, but... Either, he's thinking that he "has you in the hole / you're a sure thing.", or... He's really shy... He wants to talk to you, but wants to appear cool to the other guys (remember John Travolta in Grease?). Unfortunately for him, the longer he waits, the more awkward it's going to get...

    Try talking to him somewhere where there's little pressure for him... Somewhere he's comfortable, but doesn't have to "perform" for his friends... Maybe you'll get him to where he's more comfortable with you...Just don't get him TOO comfortable with you! :)

What Girls Said 1

  • He likes you! If he was turning pink and staring at you he either likes you or he is a creep:)

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