What does it mean when a boy makes eye contact with you while talking and he knows you like him?

There is this boy at my school and he found my notebook and it said I love (his name) all over it. Then there was this party for are school 3 hours after school and he kept staring at me and making eye contact and I was upset about the hole situation so I sat against the wall with my friends and just listened to music the do was playing and he came up to me like 4 feet away and looked straight down at me and when I looked up at him he held eye contact. Then I got up with my friends and we sat on this table and he just kept staring at me. Then I went back to the wall with my friends and he got on the table and were I was sitting on the floor with my friends the table were he was sitting was like side diagonal from us and while we were both sitting he got in the same position as me and he would like mirror me and he kept staring at me then every time a loved song played about a girl he covered his ears. Then I went to talk to him and I said (his name) can I talk to you for a second he said what? I said I know that you know that I like he his face was kind of turning pink and he shook his head yes. Then I said did you go through my notebook and he said no and shook his head no then I started to talk again but then I said never mind and he said OK and we both walked off and the hole entire time we have talked he made eye contact with me and his face was turning pink. So what does this all mean does he like me or not like me please help thanks?!


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  • Well... You know how every girl is different? Well, so is every guy... BUT. My guess would be: Yes, the guy is into you, but... Either, he's thinking that he "has you in the hole / you're a sure thing.", or... He's really shy... He wants to talk to you, but wants to appear cool to the other guys (remember John Travolta in Grease?). Unfortunately for him, the longer he waits, the more awkward it's going to get...

    Try talking to him somewhere where there's little pressure for him... Somewhere he's comfortable, but doesn't have to "perform" for his friends... Maybe you'll get him to where he's more comfortable with you...Just don't get him TOO comfortable with you! :)


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  • He likes you! If he was turning pink and staring at you he either likes you or he is a creep:)