What does a guy mean when he says "let's see where things go"....

background, met a guy about 2 months ago, online, chatting almost every day and had first date that went great, he definitely finds me attractive! Early on I made it clear I'm looking, eventually, for a LTR and not into FWB, he said something like "I'm similar, looking to meet a girl and see what happens, if something does happen great, if not maybe a new friend"...he has a busy life but always makes a point to at least text and say hello and seems interested in my likes/dislikes etc...so should I take this at face value as he really may be into a LTR down the line or is this just something guys say to a girl they want to just have around for awhile, for fun? (I'm presuming a guy wouldn't be still bothered if he was just looking for sex, if the girl wasn't looking for same?)...


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  • That is called "being evasive or changing the subject"...beware...


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  • Well, in my my girl's mind, it means he wants to take it day by day, and enjoy being together and see where it leads. I'm sure he doesn't want to rush into anything. But I think its a good sign that he didn't run away when you laid down the law and told him upfront you were eventually looking for a ltr and not a fwb. most guys would at that point.