Do any girls like big guys?

I'm like 280 pounds and 6'1

I'm 19 but I don't go out too much because I work a lot and do school and have only been in two real relationships in high school. I've always been told I'm real cute but I feel like I sometimes can't go after like incredibly attractive girls or if they liked me it would sound crazy that they liked me. My sister always says that a lot of girls like guys my size but I just never go out so I never meet them lol. I mean she is my sis so I never know but are their like any girls out there that like guys my size? I mean be hones, I have tough skin and don't care just be honest


Most Helpful Girl

  • A lot of girls like big guys! I'm 5'3'', around 130, reasonably attractive, and I've always gone for bigger guys. My boyfriend is 6'3'' and pushing 270...and it's not all muscle. My friends always comment on how good looking/sexy/manly my boyfriend is, and let me tell you, some of them look like Barbie dolls.

    Big guys are the best because they give us the feeling of being protected and cared for. If you're a confident big guy, that's even better because then we can love you even more! Don't get discouraged.

    Get out there and have fun. Find some girl in class to flirt with, or at work. You'll be presently surprised at the response.