Do any girls like big guys?

I'm like 280 pounds and 6'1

I'm 19 but I don't go out too much because I work a lot and do school and have only been in two real relationships in high school. I've always been told I'm real cute but I feel like I sometimes can't go after like incredibly attractive girls or if they liked me it would sound crazy that they liked me. My sister always says that a lot of girls like guys my size but I just never go out so I never meet them lol. I mean she is my sis so I never know but are their like any girls out there that like guys my size? I mean be hones, I have tough skin and don't care just be honest


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  • A lot of girls like big guys! I'm 5'3'', around 130, reasonably attractive, and I've always gone for bigger guys. My boyfriend is 6'3'' and pushing 270...and it's not all muscle. My friends always comment on how good looking/sexy/manly my boyfriend is, and let me tell you, some of them look like Barbie dolls.

    Big guys are the best because they give us the feeling of being protected and cared for. If you're a confident big guy, that's even better because then we can love you even more! Don't get discouraged.

    Get out there and have fun. Find some girl in class to flirt with, or at work. You'll be presently surprised at the response.


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  • i liked a big guy once who was becoming my friend. I'm really little but I thought he was really cute and was so excited when he asked me to a party. I thought for sure he would kiss me or something but he was so shy and I started thinking maybe he just asked me to come as a friend. so nothing ever came of it. =( too bad because he was a great guy.

  • I personally like big guys. I think it's especially attractive if a guy is big but like well-proportioned so broad shoulders. As a girl it's nice to feel smaller and protected buy a bigger guy and you can enjoy pizza and beer around them!

    • NICE lol thanks for the comment much appreciated

    • 22d

      Oh, that's not even the best part. The best part is that we, the big guys, know the best pizza, the best beer and the best burgers. I dont mind if someone wants to stay healthy, but it's nice to be with a girl that apreciates great food with me

  • Yeah! I actually seek out big guys! but the thing you have to remember is not to have a double standard. because I've heard many men complain about not having anyone to love because of their weight, yet they won't look at a girl twice if she's not perfectly skinny

  • I love big guys. I don't want to have to protect my man he has to be able to protect me :] and its not attractive when a guy is a little twig. Its like I can break them in half haha

  • You sound like my type :)

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  • Ok, I see all of this. But what about an even bigger guy? The "big guys" have problems finding girls... But I'm 6'5" 320 lb very equally proportioned. Most don't believe i'm that heavy just by looking. I used to work out a lot when I was In high school. Now just work which is a physical job.. Problem I have is, I really like small girls. Not in a judge mental way. But I truly love how my size makes girls feel safe.. And honestly hight doesn't really matter as long as she is active, healthy. I don't like sitting around. Also I'm bald.. With a well trimmed goatee Is that actually a problem for girls? I surprised at what I have been hearing lately... its been quite a long time since I was single. So I don't know if things have changed or if they have always been this way. I started loosing my hair when I was 18.

  • I know what you're feeling bro, it just feels like girls just turn the other cheek, or you're just a friend. I'm 20 yr's old, I'm your weight, not that I'm lazy and I eat a lot. I'm actually very active, I work out 3days a week, go to college, and I eat maybe 2meals a day, a lot of us just have a very slow metabolism. See in older society over weight was a sign of you having money, now it's a sign of ugliness for a lot of shallow people. If you think about it humans revolve around trends, no matter what. I would personally date a big girl, skinny girl, short girl, and etc. especially if they have beautiful eyes. (sorry adding on to your question). But ladies if you think about it, woman want personality, but there is a lot of shallow woman that destroy that for us, I have a great personality, however after so many shut downs, you just think "is it really worth it" and it's the truth for 1 girl out there that likes a big guy there is 15 shallow girls.. So it's a losing battle.

  • In my opinion, no they dont. I used to be 300 lbs and got nowwhere quick. But then I see big guys and they have women no prob. I think it depends on your level of confidence when approaching women. If you got that, size shouldnt matter

    • Isn't that the craziest stuff you ever heard? lol I see the same stuff all tha time man lol. I will see a ugly big dude with a relly cute girl and I'm like WTF lol I can't believe it. See I talk to girls but I seriously wait and let them fall for me after talking and taking it slow but the hole walk right up to them and flirt game doesn't work for me as well eveytime, only sometimes but girls usually leave me before we start because I'm always busy

  • I know exactly how you feel its been like that my entire life.. And I recently got turned down because of my weight. I wish I could find a girl that appreciate me for me but it seems like all the girls around where I live don't really like big guys.

  • I am a sophomore in high school i am 511 233 pounds and mostly muscle. i used to weigh 265 my freshman year and wasn't the best ladies man but i flirted with a couple of girls and my boys said they would say yes if i asked them out but i did not think so.
    So what should i do people

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