He Calls Me Princess??!!

Ok.. This a bit long and maybe a bit weird. :P..

My best guy friend, my BFF and I were walking across campus a talking about our first day on campus, which was 4 months ago and my guy friend was like

" When I first saw you I thought you'd be spoiled. But you're not. Never thought we'd be such good friends. I was actually happy that you got assigned to be my lab-partner."

At which point I go.

"Aww that's sweet and I'm NOT spoiled. How can you say that just by looking at a person?"

"Ok not spoiled exactly, but pampered. But, I know now that you're not spoiled, princess."

We started cracking up and I'm like "Don't call me that." I said I'd treat them to lunch that day. He looks over at my BFF and goes "The princess is treating us to lunch." He even texted me LOADS of times saying "Good night princess.. Lol" ( He still does), Ha...I know it's corny and also told him it makes me sound like a 3 year old :)

He comes up with the weirdest nicknames for me every week but doesn't do that to my BFF, though the three of us formed sort of a trio. He's calling me "butterfly" now for some lame reason. :P..

My question is why does he do that just to me? Am I reading way to much into this? and What did he mean by pampered?


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  • I think he does like you but might be really shy about saying it;. His nicknames might be an attempt to have a special joke between the two of you or something that just the two of you have that separates you from the trio. It might also be an attempt at flirting. If he really thought it was just a funny joke and liked teasing you, I don't think he would be that persistent with it and keep coming up with new names. He might be kinda testing out the waters and watching how you take his jokes; if you make it seem like you like having a special nickname from him he might take that as a sign you like him.

    • His nick names do make me laugh,but I feel he's giving me mixed signals... He ended up buying me ice cream twice this week... Looks for me after class an when I look up he just looks right into my eyes till I raise my eyebrows at him and then he laughs.. He jabs me in the arm sometimes, Just like my brothers do.

    • Can you please check out the flirting page for a related question? He's really confusing me.. Maybe I should just ignore it?

    • I think he likes you but he's not confident that you'll return the feelings, so he's trying to feel things out and judge your reactions. If you don't feel the same way about him, try not to do anything back that would make him think so


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  • I'd say that's just the natural make-up of your friendship. Every friendship has quarks, yours is that he's very comfortable making light hearted jokes at your expense, and your good nature allows him to do so.

    As for why he thought you were pampered, you could just ask him. But we're talking basic first impression, so you carried yourself a certain way, wore particular clothing, and perhaps spoke with a certain style that lead him to believe you were pampered. It was your first tour of campus, you probably had a strange air about you that day, taking in sights, imagining the next years of life unfolding.

  • I think he likes you princess


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  • Obviously he likes you!

    One thing I've learned is that guys do nothing without a good reason!

    If he teases you, and makes up little nick names for you, he likes you!

    It's that simple...

    I know...it seems a bit outdated and childish to poke someone, tease them and call them by your own personal invention of a name, but it's all they can come up with...God bless them! HAHAHAHAHA xD

  • tha is so cute...tlk to him and ask...maybe he just shy

  • you like the fine things in life that with pampered means.. and YES reading way to much into this! sounds like you have a crush on him.. and he like messing with you. you to are just playing footy per say.

  • How do you dress and act? I've gotten that comment before from a guy and I think if you are obvously feminine and make a good amount of effort in your appearance you would be more likely to get those comments. Also if you act dainty and have good posture that could be considered by "princessy" to. Basically another way of calling you ladylike?