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WHY do I attract older men?

like honestly, I am so sick of it. & this is not older married men strangers at bars, this is usually married men with a family they have kids etc,... Show More


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  • Are you sure that they are flirting with you, maybe you are mistaken.

    However, if they are flirting with you, it's because you are attractive. Just because a man is older, and married, his animal instinct of attraction doesn't disappear. When he sees an attractive woman, he is compelled to speak to her, and interact with her. He derives pleasure through the interaction, even if he knows it will not lead to sex, or a relationship.

    You attract older men for the same reasons you attract men of any age, because you're hot!

    One day, when you're 15 years older than you are now, and guys don't give you this kind of attention, you'll recall how nice it was to be wanted.

    As for then not doing it as often when you're parents are in the room, I think it's because your parents being there ruins the atmosphere, and makes it less pleasurable for them, plus they don't want your parents to think they're creepy.

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  • Horn dogs, tell these old dogs to stop cause its down right creepy and screams of child molester.

  • Do you have a rep?

    Are you generally friendly with everyone?

    What makes you say you aren't so sexy ?

    • I have no rep. I am very shy and scared to flirt with guys most of the time. I am nice, but with family acquaintances and friends just a simple hello.

      I don't think I'm pretty at all. I have no confidence in my self.

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    • Lol I used to think I was crazy. I thought I was insane to think that a married man liked me. but I knew I wasn't when they started touching my legs... or staring at me non stop, etc. I always thought I was crazy, but come on a 40 year old touching a 18 year olds legs is highly inappropriate ...

    • =0 Yeah I think were past teasing there ...

      This is strange, hopefully it isn't something your parents have caused.

  • Suuuuuuuuuuuuuure you're not. :rolleyes:

    • im not attractive at all. I'm not saying this because I want attention. I'm actually serious.

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  • Maybe you look like the type to be with someone else's man.

    • oh snap

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    • lmfao this made me laugh ! Honestly I hope not lmfaoooo! I don't want anyone else's man!

    • (:

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