Why do I suck so much?

I'm about to turn 20 and I've never even come in physical contact with another female. I've never had the courage to ask a girl out. I've attempted, but my whole body seizes up and I have a panic attack, at which point I have to leave the building immediately and I hide in my apartment for hours. I'm 5'5'' (which automatically eliminates most because potential girls because they seem to want guys that are 5'8''+) and skinny (125lb no kidding)

I've tried to have courage but when it comes to the critical moment, I just seize up, I've never been approached by another girl, Is it because I'm ugly piece of sh*t. Is it because I'm a college student with no car. I've just been suppressing any feelings get for a girl because I know they'll never want a scrawny little sh*t like me. I have no faith in my self at all. I feel like I should just kill my self because nobody will ever want to be with me.

Even when I do talk to a girl, I feel like the whole time I'm annoying the sh*t out of her with my lame attempts a jokes and strange ramblings. Oh plus I have Neurofibromatosis which causes me to suck a every sport I play (I played bowing for 3 years and never once improved) and causes me to have these little bumps on my neck and back. (although not nearly as bad as the images you'll find on Google). I pretty much suck at everything

(sorry about the structure and the ramblings , I can't write worth a sh*t)


Most Helpful Girl

  • im about to turn 20 too, and I'm in the same situation as well.

    i get so nervous around attractive guys I get all nauseous and in some occasions, I've had to go to the bathroom and throw up. ha ha :(

    and then, I don't know what to talk about with guys. I feel like I bore them. or maybe I'm not interesting enough.

    but now, I'm starting to realize that if they don't like me, then too bad. I'm pretty happy with who I am.

    just hang in there.

    dont be too hard on yourself.

    you're still very young.

    you have to learn to love yourself. see the best in you.

    find some hobbies, or interests. try to be optimistic. it truly does make a difference. :D

    just focus on your career right now.

    women love a career driven man. :D

    if you don't focus so much on your love life, someone is bound to come along they always say love comes when you least expect it. :D