When a guy asks a girl if they want to chill, what does that mean?

A guy I am sort of talking to asked me earlier today if I want to chill. he even gave me his streets! But I wouldn't need them because I am not planning on going over since I don't know him well enough yet. Will he take this as a sign that I'm stuck up, not interested? Cause I am but I even hinted that we should actually go out somewhere, but for some reason he hasn't initiated any places we can hang out at. :( Was it sexual... or innocent? He's broke so I imagine that could be a reason he's just embarrassed to say he can't take me out... but I still like him. I just don't/won't want to go to his place cause I don't know him enough to feel comfortable going. I live with my mom but I'm afraid she'll start telling me to stop talking to him, so he can't come over just yet.

But what I want to know is why can't guys just ask to hang out without taking the girl to their place? As girls, we have to be more careful.



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  • Well, basically it meant he wanted to hang out. Yeah it might have been sexual, it might not have been, it really depends on the guy. So you don't wanna go over until you know him better. Good. Fine. Just tell him that. Doesn't mean you're stuck up, and if he's stupid enough to jump to that conclusion then you're much better off without him.

    As for him not giving any suggestions for where to go out to, basically all he's come up with is his place. So, if he's not coming up with something, then how about this? You come up with a place. It's bound to be much more controlled, and you will definitely be in your natural surroundings, so maybe you should come up with one, since he didn't. Just come up with a place that's relatively inexpensive and easy, since he's so broke.

    As for why guys can't just hang out? I'm not sure what you mean. Where would you rather he hangs with you? I think a guy just asks a girl over just for convenience and to spend time with her. Not all guys ever think about how much more careful a girl feels she should be. It's not out of inconsideration, but rather that some guys just don't know, and have never thought about it like that. It sucks but guys tend figure that stuff out more when they get older. Right now you sound like you're pretty young.

    But yeah, if you have a better idea other than either of your own places, then perhaps you should just tell him. Don't screw around. Don't hint, because guys can suck at hints, especially the young ones. Just tell him what you want, and sooner or later he'll get the idea.

    Good luck out there.


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  • This is the ploy for someone that has nothing to offer but sitting around, as he has no hobbies, fun and esp. no work to make things happen unless you come over to entertain or give company while sitting on the floor. Being at his place excludes parents, friends & strangers from interrupting the flow of "getting to know" someone and pehrpa creating a habit of togtherness. I'm sure past trials have proven to have escalated easily into intimate fun & games ... so much so that some of the "get sex from many gals" tips from profiteers even suggest this low key, low cash method that is the polar opposite from formal dating, dining, dancing, et al.

  • Ye I agree it is too soon, if you don't feel comfortable with going over to his house then just say it. A girl said that to me so just proposed we chill in a park nearby and just have a coffee.

    If he is mature there is no big deal with telling him the truth. Also he might want you more if you have the ability to take things at your own pace, shows confidence.

  • Overreaction, it's not like he asked for anal... o_O He just wanted to hang, and like you said maybe he didn't have enough money for a fancy dinner.


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  • I understand where you're coming from. It's just not wanting to put yourself in a situation where you can't control or something end up happening because I'm the same way as in just cautious of situations I put myself in because of the outcomes. I mean the chances of something happening are there but it's just you don't want in that percentage of where something does happen so I feel where you're coming from.