Do girls like Mexican guys like me?

cuz I just moved to tennessee from dallas, texas and over there almost everybody is mexican but over here the population is mostly white and it looks like if your mexican you are a wetback and stupid and don't know any english. so do girls like mexican guys?


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  • Hey I can't answer for every gurl out there, but I am a total sucker when it comes to you Mexicans. (I am White) I know a lot of my friends are racist but I'm not. Most mexicans have sweeter personalities, way hoter smiles, and take care of their chicas way better. And they are way more romantic too! I live in Florida, and there are a lot of Mexicans here too...If white people get over there pride of being the "only good race" then they can find out what great people you are too. I learned spanish last year(still working on it)and I got a chance to b with a guy who treated me like no other guy ever did...(He was Mex.) We went for 10 months, but he had to move ...When I got over the seperation I went out with another guy, also Mex, we've been going strong for 3 months now. Yes neither knew english but it was worth the effort to learn Spanish for them ...if you already know english I don't know what's stopping the senoritas from jumping all over you.Good Luck!


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  • I don't see a problem if your mexican, white, black, irish, british, german, or whatever ethnic your from. If your personality is nice and if you attract some one it shouldn't matter what race your from.

    I'm Mexican too, so I know what your going through too.

  • Oh I love mexican guys, mostly if you speak spanish but if you don't then that's not a problem...I think mexican guys are nicer and are comfortable to talk to

    • I date black girls and they are always sooo sweet to me...

    • Um I'm Mexican myself so what I want to know is if guys like Mexican girls but um yeah I don't care what type of guy that shouldn't matter

  • well I don't know any mexican guys personally but on the whole, I love that hispanic look! the actors gael garcia bernal and diego luna are pretty hot so if theyre anything to go by, then hell yes. I think hispanic guys look really exotic which makes nice change frm pasty guys I see most of the time lol!

  • I live in California, and we all know the ratio of Hispanic to all other nationalities is nearly 50/50. I like Hispanic guys, as long as they take care of their looks. I can't handle the old school tube socks, white wifebeaters, and crazy moustaches (you'd be shocked- people still rock that look here)... but for the most part, I like darker guys. :) Men that speak 2 languages is pretty hot too.

    It all depends on where you live. Some cities are so closed-minded. It's sad really...

  • Im from Panama and Puerto rico and I personally like mexican guys.. as long as they don't act stupid. As a matter of fact I just got out of a 3-year relationship with a mexican and he was a good boyfriend.. just controlling as hell.

    sooooo yes. :) me encantan los hombres mexicanos.

  • oh umm...ya totally! I go to skool w/alot of mexicans so ya...they all have a personality of their own. haha :)

  • i do! I'm from arkansas and its pretty much the same here (if not worse). the KKK headquarters is in Arkansas, and I'm a black girl. THATS HARD. tennessee is also a "confederate state", so you will get some problems. remember that eveyone there isn't the same though like here in arkansas (my boyfriend is white)

  • Mmmmmmmm no, I think you answered your own question. I find the whole way that the ones in the US act totally repulsive and disgusting.

  • No, the only hot Mexicans I've seen are in Mexican soap operas and they look NOTHING like the Mexicans around here. Sorry, but the way they look, act, dress, live, is completely repulsive to me!

  • Girls love any guys! I'm white and there are a few hispanics I like! don't worry:) girls do like you:) trust me:) just wait:)

  • I LOVE HISPANICS! OMG! I lke blacks guys and white guys but I'm frm south fl. and all I see are hispanics and I love that! they are soo sexy, charming, and they make me feel lke I'm on his mind all the time unlke my black ex-boyfriends who actted lke they can get any girl they want. I mean I'm black *light skinned* and every time I say I lke hispanics more than my own race of guys my friends just look at me lke I'm weird or I was dropped on my head when I was born. watev I LOVE HISPANICS

  • some do some don't. I'm costa rican and I like everyone,but I don't really find white guys attactive...sory.

  • Yeah I think Hispanic guys are hot. I live in Georgia so there is mostly discrimination like white vs. black and there aren't that many Mexicans except for the migrant workers (no offense). I don't know if they like black girls though but I think they're attractive

    • Im mexican should I go to Georgia? black girls are super hot...

  • I live in LA and most of the guys I've dated have all been Mexican even though I'm bi-racial with a French German backround.Somehow it seems they always cheat.I don't know if that has to do anything with their race.Someone said that Mexican men always cheat but I try not to believe that, but somehow they always lie to me and are players!

    • We're not all like that, maybe its just how L.A. is you know it's fast out there and people have that live fast, die young attitude! If you like mexicans, come out here to Arizona, its not as fast down here and I am sure you will find your self a nice mexican man!

    • Haha its funny I wrote that like 11months ago, and I completely disagree w my comment now. I was just upset at the time, but I don't think that! Your right it is the area, but not all of them are like that. I just have to remember that and go for the nice ones, that's important! But yeah I'm sure there's a lot of nice guys in Arizona.Come to LA and you'll have girls all over you! LOL

  • i think a lot of hispanic guys are hot. I'm from asian decent but I wonder if hispanic guys think asian girls are hot?

    • We hispanic guys wonder the same thing about asian girls...a lot of us think you might not like us

  • my ex, who I am madly in love with still is mexican. and I live in a place where mexicans are not really popular. mostly cause most mexican guys are pervs! sorry to say. so I don't think it matters what you are to me. as long as the attraction is there.


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