Girls who are tan?

Why do guys prefer girls who are tan to ones who are fair? I'm fair, I've got the china doll skin, if I go on the sun, I burn, not tan. and when the burn becomes a tan, it doesn't look good, so I've never bothered getting a fake now I strive to keep my skin looking like nicole kidman's =]

but why is it that guys tend to like the bronzed girls rather then the alabaster ones?


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  • Because younger guys don't understand that tanning = skin cancer, and tanning = skin that looks like shriveled cowboy boot leather when you reach 40 years old.

    Some girls simply look terrible with tans. They don't have the complexion for it, they look artificial and weird. Other tanned girls can look good.

    But fair-skinned girls can look amazing, too. And fair skin ages much better than tanned skin.

    I tend to really like fair skinned women. Really really really like that look. A lot.

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  • Maybe I'm odd, but I don't. Guess I am odd, cause I prefer black women, but if I were to date a white woman, I would prefer one with "China Doll" skin. Go figure. May be some deeply seated psychological disorder. Nah!

  • Hey, don't generalize. Plenty of us like the fair skinned.. tanning is unnatural in my view.

    • Tanning is unnatural?.... um, do you avoid the sun? cause that would be slightly unnatural

    • If he avoids the sun, especially recently what with stronger threat of skin cancer, he's being pretty smart...not unnatural =)

    • Smilezz, do you know a tan is? It's the way a body makes a natural defense against the sun. The skin becomes thicker because you are mutating your cells by tanning. That is why people develope skin cancer and when you get older your skin looks leathery.

  • Why do some men prefer blondes and other redhaired girls?

  • It's a health indicator, like long hair and perky boobs and smooth skin.

    pale white skin and sickly

    braonze tanned skin and sickly

    One of them fits better.

    Once the guy begins to get to know you, it's probably going to make less and less difference. And, if he's a dermatologist, he'll probably see your non-tanned skin and say "oh baby!"

    • Im a natural redhead with pale skin, and we do NOT look sickly thank you very much.

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    • How incest relates is the following:

      First consider Mendelian genetics with respect to dominant and recessive inherited traits. Now consider the rarity of certain "undesireable" recessive traits. Finally, present an environment where populations of the same rare recessive traits arecombined. One such environment is incest. One example (that need not necessarily occur from incest) is red hair with fair skin and freckles, which is a result of having 2 recessive genes, one from each parent.

    • The specific gene I referred to provides the necessary information to encode an important protein that regulates hair and skin color. You can look-up Mc1r (Melanocortin-1-receptor) for more info.

      Other, more detrimental, rare genetic conditions and dysfunctions can also occur more prevalently through incest.

  • I don't really that often. I suppose I have in the past, I just can't really think of a time. And I don't think it was the tan so much as the other aspects that mattered.

    I suppose it depends on the woman and her look.

    Generally, I realize that tan now equals a higher possibility of cancers, and the person CAN end up with really leathery skin.

    Work with what you have. Doing that can be hotter than a lot of other things you can do for (or to) yourself.

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  • I don't think its a big concern with guys I know. I personally tan because it makes me look healthier (the sun gives you vitamins...healthy ones, and I tan for myself not for guys). Girls however can over do it when it comes to tanning. If a white girl looks like she could be from Africa...she tans WAY too much lol. Some girls have different complexions/skin tones and tan in different ways. I have an olive complexion so when I do tan, I get dark and could be mistaken at times for hispanic or mixed. But you also have to favor in that I have dark eyes and hair too...but just because I tan doesn't mean I'm necessarily going to ruin my skin. I use sunscreen also...but and I know this isn't the way to think about things, I just see it as I can get aft treatments (advanced fluorescence technology) or other medical help if I need it...but then again I don't bake myself all of the time!

    • Yeah but there are white people in africa so that doesn't make sense. Now if you said a black african then yes.

  • of course there still are some guys who prefer tanned skin but now I've noticed that lighter skin is becoming more acceptable and to some more desirable. just read most of the other answers! so don't worry about it; I used to until I've realized that I'm considered attractive even while having super pale skin, though moving to Minnesota where lots of others do too helps.

  • im plae skin aswell, and I ask myself this question everyday..

  • I HATE tanning. I rag on all my friends that do tan. It's one of the worst things you can do to your body willingly. I'm naturally tanned, thanks to my half asian roots.

    • I think smoking is a little worse haha

  • i think its because they look like they get out more and don't stay inside reading romance novels all day

    • HAHAHA

      This is one of the stupidest answers I've read in a looooong time! xD

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