Girls who are tan?

Why do guys prefer girls who are tan to ones who are fair? I'm fair, I've got the china doll skin, if I go on the sun, I burn, not tan. and when the burn becomes a tan, it doesn't look good, so I've never bothered getting a fake now I strive to keep my skin looking like nicole kidman's =]

but why is it that guys tend to like the bronzed girls rather then the alabaster ones?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Because younger guys don't understand that tanning = skin cancer, and tanning = skin that looks like shriveled cowboy boot leather when you reach 40 years old.

    Some girls simply look terrible with tans. They don't have the complexion for it, they look artificial and weird. Other tanned girls can look good.

    But fair-skinned girls can look amazing, too. And fair skin ages much better than tanned skin.

    I tend to really like fair skinned women. Really really really like that look. A lot.