Why is that emotionally unstable guys are super affectionate?

wHY IS it that guys who are not emotionally ready for relationships are super affectionate and hug you, kiss you and hold you? its creepy in a way and they are more affectionate than my actual boyfriends were! Why is this phenomenon?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Being super affectionate is not an indicator that a person is ready for a relationship. In fact, excessive affection can itself be a sign that they *aren't* ready for it. So I think that their overly affectionate behavior is because they may still be maturing, figuring out what love and atttraction really are, and feeling their way through all their emotions. It's a trial and error process that has weird results while it's occuring, but will eventually (hopefully) help them become ready for a relationship by allowing them to know what they desire and what they're comfortable with.