Have you ever fallen for a friend?

Have any of you ever fallen for a friend after being in the friend zone for a period of time? What did they do to make you fall for them? What did you do to try and get them and did you succeed? This is a very interesting subject I am researching. Personally I have had a female friends fall for me and I have also fallen for a female friend for the first time ever!


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  • yes of course. he actually asked my friend who I was before he knew me. we both found each other cute but it turned out that when we met we friend zoned each other because we were scared. it was a timing thing. but when I went away for school we realized just how much we cared. after a period of time I knew him, he wasn't going to make the first move he was younger and scared of everything because he sells himself short on everything it drives me nuts! ha ha he has no clue how amazing and awesome he is, but I guess it keeps him humble lol. any ways, it got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore. I said straight up, are we going to do this or what!? and he was shocked...he didn't know what to say so he kissed me lol. I slept over that night obviously. I wouldn't be surprised if we get married. we are very strange when it comes to one another. never had a kind of relationship like that before. we never dated, never got together, a sex a couple times but it was hard, 10 months out of the year I wasn't even in the same place as him so we kept it spontanious...who knows lol but yeah that's my little story I guess

    • This is great, you made the first move and are now thinking of marriage, good for you :)

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  • Friendship is the foundation for a wonderful relationship. I was friends with this guy once for 2 years (platonic friends) and he was head over heels for me. Two years later the tables turned..I was ready to love him back. I nearly got married but after a few years he changed when he started making a 6 figure income and decided he could date more than one woman. However you should pursue your friend and slowly make that transition to being lovers. Friends make the best lovers because they understand you better.

  • Yes, I have fallen for one of my best favorite guy friend, so close that we are like siblings! I think just as we grew older and as I discovered what love feels like made me realize how much I love him! While basically, I look up love quizzes/tests/compatiblities and any information to help me find out how I should date him! I also talk (try to blush) another is we touch a lot! Our families also talk about us being a cute couple and some day be a married couple! I haven't succeed in a relationship status since he is one of the truest friend I have ever had, but I really wish I had idea to move farther in a relationship since I REALLY LOVE HIM! I give him gifts too time to time!

    • Ah bless you. He may feel the same so one of you may need to make a move.

    • Hehe... there is a song that describes us that I just heard not that long ago. It is called What Are You Waiting For? by Miranda Cosgrove! But he told me he had a girlfriend... So like do you suggest that I write a secret love note since I have plenty that I can give..?!?! And yes we have used "I love you" quite a lot sometimes in different languages! However, I wish I could know how I could make a move... You know?!?!?

  • I'm in love with my best friend now. I just started liking him about 2 months ago. He is smart and nice. He calls me pretty and we always joke about how we are gonna have kids together. I try looking my best. I want him so bad you have no idea.

    • Snap with my fem friend. I have such strong feelings for her, I have a strong feeling she really liked me before and I installed the friend element in her head, I only starting to feel for her about 2 months ago. She only dates really ugly looking guys and I've been told I'm attractive and she loves my personality, I hope she likes me :( You're very attractive so I'm sure you'll get your mate.

    • Awww thanks (:

  • i have a simular situation I have been hanging out with a friend a lot more lately and one night we ended up sleeping together I think you just no you feel comfortable with them and go for it if it doesn't work and its really awkward then you might not have been as good a friends as you thought being with a friend is the best thing


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  • I fell for a friend of mine a couple of years ago, and around the same time we started hanging out more. At the time I found it hard to tell if she felt the same way about me and never asked her out because she eventually got a boy friend. Looking back it was fairly clear she liked me to, and had I taken the gamble and asked her out I'd be a lot happier now.

  • one time. never happened again. Never spoke to her again.