HELP! What should I do about my lying boyfriend?

I'm gonna try to make this as short as possible. Okay we meet in high school when he was 15 and I was 17. he was very shy and the innocent type. I'd say a couple years into the relationship I would catch him with porn on his computer etc. and he would lie about it, which I hated! Please don't lie... Show More

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  • Well first of all he will lie when you ask question's.All guy's like porn.I feel abd for you that he repeatedly lie's to you after you ask him question's.Now if he love's you he shouldn't have lied to you in the first place.A women will alway's remember if her boyfriend or husband has lied in the past.Now if I was in your shoe's and iw as lied to so many time's I would probably break up and never speak to him again.But that choice is your's.I hope it all work's out for you.Take care.Bye

    • Thanks for your answer :) the question wasnt really about porn though, it was about the lying. I LOVE porn and watch it all the time with and without him, but I just don't know why he lied to me not only about that but about everything, little things. more worried that he's gonna lie about a big thing you know what I mean? but you're right if I can't trust him and he lies about little things then I should just end it. I'm a chill girl I don't get y he lies, maybe that's just him. hmmm. lol but thanks