Why are guys such ass***** sometimes?

Not saying that against all men, cause I know there are a lot of good guys out there too, but my guy friend of three years really seriously hurt me bad, and I told he hurt me. He kind of ignored me after. He won't even talk with me now and I'm thinking maybe he was just kind of using me. Why is it so easy for guys to sometimes feel nothing. Its like if they want they can just drop someone and not care, or even say - " hey I'm sorry".


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  • Have you guys ever had sex?

    • yeah

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    • I get your point. But you can also realize it's sometimes tricky for both sides when a transition occur. He might not really know what to say and how so he prefers not say anything.

    • Yeah, that makes sense too. Thanks

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  • 95% chance that your "guy friend" liked you and felt like you used HIM for 3 years as he got nowhere with you, before he finally snapped and did whatever he did to hurt you. That would explain why he no longer cares about how you feel.

    Girls: if you have single "guy friends", chances are very high that they are your friend only because they want something more (sex for sure, but often a relationship), and that's why they hang around and listen to your problems and give you advice and so on. Often, they hope and assume that becoming your good, close friend will increase their chances of making you their girlfriend. But let's be honest: you and I both know it almost never works like that, because you "don't want to ruin what we have." But the only reason you HAVE what you have is because he has always hoped for more. And so at some point, he's going to realize that it's never gonna happen, and then he is going to feel used and bitter for wasting all of that time and attention on you.

    This does NOT apply to a guy who has a girlfriend or who has an active dating life; that guy can be your friend without such motivations. But if he's single? No way.

    • I liked him more than a friend. If he would of asked me out I would of told him yes. I kind of loved him. I think in this case things were reversed.

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    • I'm seriosuy done with guys on any level.

    • Hey, we all make mistakes. I'm just trying to help you be smarter in the future.

  • so what's the story? I've met PLENTY of girls the very same way too.

  • We can probably name 100 reasons why he did that.But only HE knows why he hurt you in such a bad way.Be strong.

  • Human nature,life experiences,harsh/difficult current situation,wrong mindset,false information,not interested anymore,has always been an ass"w"hole,was just messing around with you,was forced to.

    Pick one

    • Yeah, but even if yor not interested, or were only interested to just mess around for while..its not too much say "sorry" - more so when she comes to you saying " you hurt me". Sorrys only one word. I understand the other stuff & life, but it doesn't take much. & leaving someone left and feeling used leaves scars.

  • i have never done that to women and men. I am not a kind of person who likes to oppress someone and take benefit from them and then ignore them, leave them suffer their pain.

    but I know how painful it is to be used by someone you used to trust. I was used by people too although I was being nice.

  • Because we men think rationally and not as much with our emotions. Usually. That's why you see a lot of men running businesses because we tend not to be emotional. Things are easier without emotions. He probably feels something but won't tell you and don't pry, he won't like that at all. And if he doesn't ever say anything then just add him to your mistake list ( the mistake of guys you dated) and move on.

    • I'm pretty rational too, but its no excuse to just use & hurt someone and pretend it didn't happen.

    • Again guys are not good with emotions, mainly because society tells us to be that way. You'll probably get through it.

    • Maybe. It's been awhile & I'm still hurt. I do understand what you mean though about society and guys being told to be that way. It still makes the other person feel like sh*t though. lol oh well I guess

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  • i know how you feel.

    and I find the whole "guys aren't good with their emotions" excuse pretty lame. that doesn't stop you from being a mature adult & a decent person.

    eventually you'll get over it. sounds impossible because you're hurting right now (I know...i've been there too) but in time things will be better.

    some people are just inconsiderate, selfish, and hurtful & there's nothing you can do about it.