Why are dominant men so often cold/mean, conceited, unfaithful and only interested in sex?

And do you think there are any dominant men out there who are not like that?


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  • Being cold/mean? That's is basically because you are an opposing force (i.e. our personalities clash). If you are disrespecting us, trying to manipulate us, etc. we're going to be harsh towards you. What do you expect us to do, lay down and let you walk on us? Conceited? That's probably just confidence and you are marking it up to being conceded when you can't break our ego down with your normal manipulation tricks and control us to get your way. Unfaithful? I never have been unfaithful. Only interested in sex? Not the case at all, but if I am only interested in having sex with a particular girl, that's because she's not offering that much. If she's really flirty and easy, but has a disagreeable personality then I'm not going to want anything more from her then sex, if even that.

    • Could you explain disagreeable personality?

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    • There are plenty of things I like "personally" that don't carry across all men, but I don't need those things to not be cold/mean. I'm not combative with most people... That kind of behavior from me, is because I feel like someone is being hostile towards me (i.e disrespecting me, treating me wrong) and then I confront them I guess you could say (the mean part) or I see them as a waste of time and delete them from my life like they never existed (the cold part). That's what dominate people do.

    • In order to be dominate you have to have control and lead. When someone is constantly challenging your position or sabotaging your efforts through nasty behavior they are working against you, not with you. People that cooperate and have agreeable personalities create harmony in a group of people. They can have their own ideas and opinions but they don't smash heads with you constantly.

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  • Because:

    1. We're the sh*t.

    2. You'll still f*ck us regardless.

    3. Other women want to f*ck us too.

    4. You don't have anything to offer us that those women aren't offering.

    5. Collectively, none of you have much to offer us outside of sex anyway.

    6. You're less useful than you think you are. Our dominant attitude just prevents us from letting you believe otherwise.

    • :(

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    • I think you should turn gay then! Lol

    • Nah, I love women too much.

  • those dominant men are called the bad boys or players girls seem to only go for and the only guys that arnt dominant are the nice guys girls always ignore because girls don't find the right things to be attracted to in a guy but eather way all guys want sex but the nice ones want love as well

    • Well if there are no dominant nice guys then that's too bad. Would you take a mean, selfish girl with a fat body or the nice caring girl with the hourglass body? Even if the second one hurt you and was considered bad by society, you still wouldn't hesitate!

    • if the second one hurt me than I won't want her due to the fact that she doesn't have the type of personality I want in a girl ... looks arnt everything

  • I think men at certain point just reach that threshold... they see society, understands its mechanisms, you realize that if you know the rules you can use and abuse it.

    And to become dominant, I think cold-bloodedness is a byproduct. No soft-minded males will get tot the top.

    So... you're a virgin anyway so why do you care?

  • Because power corrupts, and often even the illusion of power may seem like real power.

  • Yes, very much so and I believe it is an excellent asset in both genders. Just protect your heart..

  • Dominant attitude comes from the feel of control and that fits many bosses etc. however don't give up it doesn't apply to all people nor just sex. Dominance can entertain a wonderful conversation as well.


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  • I want to say like it has something to do with more testosterone maybe? Which makes for more aggression / sexual desire?

    Probably wrong but idk.

    Not all the crayons in the box are broken love - there are a LOT of more dominant oriented men who are actually cool / loving etc.