Why are dominant men so often cold/mean, conceited, unfaithful and only interested in sex?

And do you think there are any dominant men out there who are not like that?


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  • Being cold/mean? That's is basically because you are an opposing force (i.e. our personalities clash). If you are disrespecting us, trying to manipulate us, etc. we're going to be harsh towards you. What do you expect us to do, lay down and let you walk on us? Conceited? That's probably just confidence and you are marking it up to being conceded when you can't break our ego down with your normal manipulation tricks and control us to get your way. Unfaithful? I never have been unfaithful. Only interested in sex? Not the case at all, but if I am only interested in having sex with a particular girl, that's because she's not offering that much. If she's really flirty and easy, but has a disagreeable personality then I'm not going to want anything more from her then sex, if even that.

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      Could you explain disagreeable personality?

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      There are plenty of things I like "personally" that don't carry across all men, but I don't need those things to not be cold/mean. I'm not combative with most people... That kind of behavior from me, is because I feel like someone is being hostile towards me (i.e disrespecting me, treating me wrong) and then I confront them I guess you could say (the mean part) or I see them as a waste of time and delete them from my life like they never existed (the cold part). That's what dominate people do.

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      In order to be dominate you have to have control and lead. When someone is constantly challenging your position or sabotaging your efforts through nasty behavior they are working against you, not with you. People that cooperate and have agreeable personalities create harmony in a group of people. They can have their own ideas and opinions but they don't smash heads with you constantly.