Men actively seeking out "ugly" women....

I've seen some guys go out of their way to actively seek out "ugly" women for the purpose of evaluating their level of "ugliness"

Why would they put so much attention on women that they don't like?

It's sort of strange. Why not just focus on the people that you do like.

Or does this boost the ego feeling as well?

OR do men do this after they have been rejected?

Or is it like a weird hobby?

I mean why waste the time...when you could be doing other things?

I'm not talking about dating. I'm talking about LOOKING for. Going out with guys and LOOKING for and LOOKING at ugly women. Why do they do this? Why don't they just look for hot women?


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  • Ok .. ugly women are easier to suduce than beautiful ones .. and uglyer women don't get a lot of attention so when sm1 gives them that ..they worship him .. plus if a guy noticed he is a better looking one he feels superior and smtimes actlike a jurk knowing that the woman will obay since she think she is lucky to have a handsome guy .. its some kinda narsestic

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      that's sweet of you to agree with me .. and thnx for the BA .. @}:- <<< this is supposed to be a flower for you lol