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If a guy starts sharing his personal feelings with you?

I have this guy friend (I met him about 2 months ago) who texts me almost everyday, and oftentimes he just texts things to make me laugh, but he has... Show More

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  • You put him at ease. If he's a nervous person that will almost certainly lead (or already has) to attraction.

What Guys Said 2

  • He does like you. He feels safe around you for some reason. He wants to know how each of yours days has been and he wants to share personal stuff with you. All that tells me that he trusts you very much.

What Girls Said 2

  • Some guys do this, they are chatty like girls are.

  • He is comfortable with you so he shares his personal information. He also seems interest and cares about you. I wouldn't say so soon if I think he likes you or not. You have to find out by yourself. Go for him since you like him or if you want to wait and get to know him more before saying anything then do that. I don't think a guy would waste his time on a girl just to text her and share information if he wasn't interest in that girl.

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