Why are guys so moody?

why are guys so moody? they talk to you one day and then they ignore us?


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  • Because they get tired/sick and have problems too. From my experience guys don't like to share their problems, least of all to a girl they like. I think they feel it makes them look weak or that they can't handle things the way they're supposed to or something. In a way it makes sense. They don't want to tarnish the impression that you have of them. Even though a lot of girls want guys to talk to them because we want to help. Even if it's just to offer a comforting hug or lend an ear to listen.

    • You are right.

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    • Np. You're not alone either. The guy I like is dealing with some stuff. I would like him to open up to me about it, but it's unlikely. He tells me facts, not how he feels about it. The result is some days he'll be in a talking mood and other days not so much. Btw Doctor Who f***ing owns. :P

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  • well I am shy around girls so If I talk to a girl I may be too shy the next day or whatever.

    • Lol why though? Isn't it suppose to be the other way around?

    • Ya I guess there a shy guys 2 but I don't think we see much of it....

    • Well we normally do not like to show our shyness we want to be the kind of man women want but sometimes it really is hard to do.

  • well some time I'm just not feeling like talking

    or I might actually have something thinking about and I really and truly did not notice you

    but sometime I see a girl and I want to see how into me she is so I ignore her and see what she says to me. us guys don't alway have to make the move ya'know

  • Girls are much more moody than guys are like 99% of the time, lol.

    Um... it is most likely random, that's my take because girls have complained like you before and it is really random if it happens in my cases.

  • Girls do the same thing! it drives me insane!

  • Must be the guy(s) you are seeing. I am far from moody, and having been raised in a high-stress household (my mom's business would make her have constant mood swings), I have learned to keep emotions/stress to myself, because nobody wants to deal with your problems.

    In fact, of all the qualities I love about my girlfriend, this is one of those few things that I complain about her.


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  • Because some are jerks and players that only want one thing..

    Thanks for the friend add thing chick=)

    • Ya they can be jerks at times!

  • Haha, girls do the same thing as well... lol.

  • Good question. Guys are like that to me too.

  • They probably get freaked out or nervous. Who really knows? Girls can be just as moody though, haha.

  • i think they feel awkward ha;p

    cuz eventually they do talk