Why are guys so moody?

why are guys so moody? they talk to you one day and then they ignore us?


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  • Because they get tired/sick and have problems too. From my experience guys don't like to share their problems, least of all to a girl they like. I think they feel it makes them look weak or that they can't handle things the way they're supposed to or something. In a way it makes sense. They don't want to tarnish the impression that you have of them. Even though a lot of girls want guys to talk to them because we want to help. Even if it's just to offer a comforting hug or lend an ear to listen.

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      You are right.

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      Np. You're not alone either. The guy I like is dealing with some stuff. I would like him to open up to me about it, but it's unlikely. He tells me facts, not how he feels about it. The result is some days he'll be in a talking mood and other days not so much. Btw Doctor Who f***ing owns. :P

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