How do girls lose interest in a guy?

I have no idea what makes girls lose interest in a guy they used to like.

What makes a girl get over a guy she likes? Why do they lose interest?

I'm not being specific here- so can anyone give me a general idea of how girls lose interest in guys?


Most Helpful Girl

  • For me. its like this. 1)I don't ask guys out. And if longer than a few months go bye and he still hasn't asked me out. I start telling myself he isn't worth the time. Soon I believe it and I just could care less about him. 2) If you start getting all emotional about confidence issues you have. Its fine once in a while if we have been dating for years. But your a man. Get up and be one. 3) If you asked me out VIA email, text message, Facebook ect. or you confessed your desire to date me in those forms forget it. That is geeky and less than a man and just makes you look sad and desperate. 4) Stalkerish is a no no. If you wanna hang out with me ask me to hang out make plans invite people and groups over. Don't just randomly start going to everything I do. Just open your mouth and tell ( in person) hey lets hang out later this week and make plans THEN! Never make last minute plans don't ask a girl on a date the night of the date or the night before. PLAN. And never say " so what do you wanna do?" PLAN OUT THE DATE BEFORE HAND! If I ever got that remark. I would walk out of the car and go back into my house. If you wanna date make the effort.