If a girl loses interest in you, is there no hope?

Somehow if a girl is creeped out or she loses interest in you, is there still hope or should you just move on?

To be more specific, she asked me out and showed some classic signs of interest (mirroring)

But here's another question: Can a girl ever like someone again if she were creeped out? What if the guy made a conscious effort to change his behavior? will the girl's mind ever change?


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  • If she is creeped out, there is no luck.

    If she liked you & was mirroring you, yeah you have definitely have hope.

    Don't move on. I don't know if you creeped her out, but I'd say this chick likes you. You can for sure win a girl back, if she had a little something for you before.

    • Yeah but I heard that she told someone that she was creeped out by me. And she even started to ignore me. I thought that she liked me because she gave me some very obvious signs of interest. Now she either doesn't speak to me that much or doesn't notice me. I have no idea what I have done. I can't even tell whether a girl is creeped out by me or not.

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    • Yeah, but I think that I shouldn't approach her for now, because whenever I speak to her, she acts all uninterested. But at least her friend is more open to me. So I don't know what I should do. I get this vibe from her that she wants me to stay away from her, so I don't know how to remedy this situation. I can't start a convo with her because I'm afraid that I'll creep her out even more, especially when I feel nervous about it.

    • Yeah, it seems best to leave her alone. If she wants to talk to you, she'll come up to you.

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  • From personal experience guys that I was creeped out by have no chance... It's like once they hit the creepy mode there is no going back... if I were you I would just move on... when you meet a girl don't be overly nice... be kinda of a dick at first... have that confidence that everyone likes you... and don't get nervous or say stupid stuff... sometimes its better just to stand back and let everyone else do the talking... be mysterious... then the girl will want to here you talk and be intrigued...

    • Mystery can lead to being intrigued by someone... but the "be kinda of a d*** at first" only applies to really dumb girls. The type of girls you screw and lose. The guy should be nice but not too aggressive. To reject someone because they were nervous is immature and just stupid. Girls who behave this way only end up dating losers in life.

  • theres hope depending on what all happened, but the guy usually can win her back somehow.

  • She probably is not creeped out by you in the way you think. She may have said this because you have not made a move or act weird around her, so it is her excuse because she doesn't want to have feelings for you that aren't shared and end up with a sore heart. You still have a major chance, you need to be bold and go out and get her!

  • Well in most cases this is how it goes: After losing interest in you she will have to see you with another person and if she gets bothered by it then she probably still has interest in you. If not then she really is over you...

    To the next question...When a woman makes up her mind especially one that knows what she wants she most likely won't give a damn that you change...

  • hoenstly, its best just to move on.

  • Well all depends on how "creeped" out she was.

    And if you show her that you are willing to change your behaviour well that is a start..but being a girl myself..once a guy turns me off..and especially "creeps me out" I am no longer interested, no matter what they do...


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  • What exactly did you do to her to creep her out?

    • I have no idea. I heard that I creeped her out from another person. I just have no clue what's going on.

  • You have to reverse and regroup.. Give it time.

    Go back and start looking for other people.

    WHY,because she'll respect you and not take you for granted...

  • Once you go creepy, you don't come back.

  • if she's not interested she's not interested.

  • move on mate the more you try the less they like you. Show less interest in her but still be nice. but don't fuss around her. The less you do the more you get at that stage.

  • I would say it is very possible for a girl to like a guy she once loved before seeing as she was interested in him at one point but that's my opinion. You should ask yourself this though: would you ever be interested in a girl (again) that you once loved but lost interest in?

    • Yeah. but I won't be interested in a girl I once loved who broke my heart or did anything horrible to me.