If a girl loses interest in you, is there no hope?

Somehow if a girl is creeped out or she loses interest in you, is there still hope or should you just move on?

To be more specific, she asked me out and showed some classic signs of interest (mirroring)

But here's another question: Can a girl ever like someone again if she were creeped out? What if the guy made a conscious effort to change his behavior? will the girl's mind ever change?


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  • If she is creeped out, there is no luck.

    If she liked you & was mirroring you, yeah you have definitely have hope.

    Don't move on. I don't know if you creeped her out, but I'd say this chick likes you. You can for sure win a girl back, if she had a little something for you before.

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      Yeah but I heard that she told someone that she was creeped out by me. And she even started to ignore me. I thought that she liked me because she gave me some very obvious signs of interest. Now she either doesn't speak to me that much or doesn't notice me. I have no idea what I have done. I can't even tell whether a girl is creeped out by me or not.

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      Yeah, but I think that I shouldn't approach her for now, because whenever I speak to her, she acts all uninterested. But at least her friend is more open to me. So I don't know what I should do. I get this vibe from her that she wants me to stay away from her, so I don't know how to remedy this situation. I can't start a convo with her because I'm afraid that I'll creep her out even more, especially when I feel nervous about it.

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      Yeah, it seems best to leave her alone. If she wants to talk to you, she'll come up to you.