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How does it feel when you give up?

Hey I don't want to know how many of you got over it or how you did it, I know the steps to get over it and I don't see any time near me following... Show More

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  • At first the thought has you panic and makes you sad. But then once you set your mind to moving on it's empowering. It's not until you completely let go will you know what else is out there and how to take control of your life. If this is a crush situation love will find its way. Maybe in a few months or years you can look back and maybe revisit. If you care for the person that will never change but the needing them will.

    • Wow that is really cool, I selected you as best answer not because you have been the only one to answer but because you probably going to be the most realistic answer and it makes a lot pf sense. Thank you

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