What do you think that Obama should change in politics (if any)?

Hi everyone! I have a homework assignment where I have to survey 30 PEOPLE and it's very annoying to get people to help me out. If you can take only 2 minutes of your time to complete a quick survey about the past electoral politics, I will love you forever and will buy you a snickers. <3 Thank You!





Electoral Status? (Demo or Rep)

1. What do you think that Obama should change in politics (if any)?

2. Do you think peoples’ votes was swayed by racism? Why or why not?

3. While watching the candidate election commercials, what would you say is the difference between the two?

4. Did the commercials help your vote?

5. During the debates, how was the candidates personality like, or what do you think the personalities would be like?

6. Do you think women can/should play a role in politics?

Thank you all for doing this! I completely my hw! <3 *throws snicker bars to everyone*


Most Helpful Guy

  • Name? John Smith.

    Gender? Male

    Age? 42

    Race? Caucasian

    Electoral Status? Democrat

    1. What do you think that Obama should change in politics (if any)?

    Too much to list here, plus he won't change anything worth changing. He's not progressive enough.

    2. Do you think peoples’ votes was swayed by racism? Why or why not?

    Yes of course they were. You just have to look at some of the more popular right wing websites. Jokes about how the first black man in the white house, and already he's asking for change.

    3. While watching the candidate election commercials, what would you say is the difference between the two?

    There's really no difference. They both spend billions of dollars to get a job that pays a couple of hundred thousand dollars per year at best.

    4. Did the commercials help your vote?


    5. During the debates, how was the candidates personality like, or what do you think the personalities would be like?

    Romney did a passable impression of someone who had studied hard in an attempt to mimic human beings.

    Obama was a cross between a wet fish, and someone who was trying to throw the election by taking a dive in the first debate.

    6. Do you think women can/should play a role in politics?

    Of course they should. If Hilary Clinton can get the nomination in 2016, we might just see the South explode into a seething ball of white rage. Bring on the popcorn.

    • Not progressive enough? We can't afford being more progressive! Progressives were the first generation of Americans to denounce openly our founding documents. Woodrow Wilson, for example, once warned that “if you want to understand the real Declaration of Independence, do not repeat the preface”. Obama has no regard for the Constitution or what it stands for, that is evident in his persistence in passing Obama Care. Also there was an actual socialist movement during the Progressive Era. Bad.

    • Obama is too progressive

    • To a rightwinger, sure. To someone on the left, not so much.

What Girls Said 2

  • stop illegal wars, stop killing people

  • Anonymous





    1. I'm not a big fan of his military tactics or the NDAA.

    2. I'm sure some were. Some people voted for him because he was black, others refused to vote for him because he wasn't white.

    3. Not much.

    4. No, they only served to piss me off.

    5. I'm not really sure what you're asking. My opinion of them during the debates were that they were egotistical toddlers who couldn't let anyone else talk.

    6. Uh, of course.


What Guys Said 7

  • Jeremy





    1.Less government intrusion into personal lives. Less trying to manipulate the economy, (I sometimes wonder if anyone in Washing has ever actually read "The Wealth of Nations") A foreign policy that doesn't rely so heavily on drone assassinations.

    2. Yes, in both directions. I believe that racism worked for him more than it worked against him. But I have no concrete evidence to prove this suspicion.

    3. Obama understands what the average voter wants to hear. Romney doesn't

    4. No

    5. They both seemed rather fake.

    6. Yes, but I wish they would use less emotion and more logic.

    • I should clarify for number 6, I was referring specifically to voting, female politicians seem little different from the male ones.

  • Name: Brandon

    Gender: Manly Man

    Age: 23

    Race: Whitey

    Electoral Status: Independent?

    1. Obama is president and has certain powers that do not include changing government or politics around in any way. There are 100 Senators and 435 Representatives in government...1 person (though consisting of an entire branch of government) is not meant to be a sweeping change. So I guess that means hardly any changes can be made by him alone?

    2. Yes. The novelty of Obama being the first black president definitely swayed votes, as well as withheld votes from others.

    3. While they both played similar games, this election resembled the last one. Like any party challenging the incumbent, the "outside" party was on a reactive basis. The Dems had a more solid course of action in their campaigning, while Reps would flip-flop and had too much time wasted explaining things that cropped up. All in all, uphill battle for Republicans this time around.

    4. Yes. They made me not vote at all.

    5. Like someone wanting a public office. Not much else can be expected in these sorts of things. Someone needs a serious reality check if they legitimately believe in everything that goes on in those debates. Obama's personality was calm, collected, progressive, and obviously had to undermine Romney's plan. Romney was also calm, "tell you like it is", attack the current administration but careful not to inspire too much fear, and business savvy.

    6. Yep. Politics takes a particular personality, not a particular gender.

  • Kurt



    White/Hispanic (my father is white my mother from El Salvador)


    1. He should continue blowing the sh*t out of terrorist hiding holds no matter what people say about it. I support him in that. I would be happy though if he spent less time one social engineering and more on getting the economy back on track

    2. Yes. Many people voted for him only because he is black.

    3. Obama's were more irrelevant. Romney's were more negative (he didn't promote himself he just cataloged Obama's failures)

    4. no

    5. I expected Obama and biden to be professional and speak in platitudes. I expected Romney to throw lots of numbers in Obama's face. I expected Ryan to be a firebrand. Talking fast and talking cool. Initially Obama was simply weak Romney aggressive. Then they someone switched speech writers for them. But weak Romney was still better than weak Obama. Biden. I just don't know what to say. He behaved like an a**hole.

    6. Yes. What role? They should vote. Volunteer. organize and run for office. They should use their heads though.

    • economic manipulation is Social engineering...

    • right... so leave the economy the hell alone.

  • Male


    African American


    1 I think Obama should do what he ran on in 2008 instead of basically towing the DC line of money for war while telling the people of the country they should be more responsible and accept cuts in social programs that we were putting in for. I also want him to Drop the Patriot Act NDAA and his drone war

    2. We live in America. Everything has racial undertones. Be it a republican form the south talking about The boarders. or the fact that we are invading "Urban"(minority filled ghettos) communities looking for street dealers while not kicking in the doors in the suburbs to find the drug stashes coming in from other countries.

    3.when election time comes around I stop watching TV... if I want someone to lie to my face I would rather they be half naked shaking t*ts or ass at me.

    4. No.

    5.evasive and condescending. (the one party system we have) And hopeful and not as depressed When I watched the third party debates. either of those guys would have worked (aside form the crazy constitutionalist who doesn't agree with the constitution...)

    6. I think we should get past the point where we look at who is running or playing a role and base our voting on what they stand for. Look at Obama. Ran on hope and change. And kept 80% of the Bush administration... One day I hope the Republican electorate and the Democratic electorate realizes they are both being played. but I thin I have a better chance of getting the 49% of the people in this country who don't vote to vote for a candidate...

  • Male



    I have no party association.

    1. In politics? Well, it's not something he can do, but it would be nice if both sides were a little more agreeable with each other. Compromise used to be a necessity, and neither side really wants to do that. I was watching a documentary about how people from different political affiliations would be friendly with each other. They would go out to lunch together and the like. Apparently, they don't do that anymore.

    There are quite a few things that I would like to see change, but it's not going to happen. Some things are stepping on the Constitution that I'm not too happy with.

    2. Yeah. I think it there was some of that. I wouldn't say that it was a high percentage of votes that were cast because of it, but there was some of that for both sides.

    3. I didn't see much of a difference at the core of them. They both implied that things would be doomed if you voted for the other guy. lol I did notice that Obama ads were much more prevalent online than Romney ads were. Maybe that's something that should be looked into.

    4. Not at all. I would barely pay attention to them. There are some people on this site that did take commercials into consideration though. I saw quite a few people ask/answer questions where it seemed they were quoting what some random attack ad said when they were displaying their political views or more accurately, their lack of political knowledge.

    5. What do you mean by that? I'm not sure how to describe their personalities. I did feel arrogance out of them, but I suppose you need a bit of that to run for office.

    6. Yes. However, I really disliked the course of the last campaign towards women. They were pandering to get their votes. It was annoying.

  • Bob





    1) Obama should resign

    2) Black people voted for him just because he's black

    3) Obama had all attack ads

    4) No

    5) Romney killed Obama in debates

    6) Too much emphasis was put on social issues and not the economy, but women are people too and have just as much of a right to vote as men.