What do you think that Obama should change in politics (if any)?

Hi everyone! I have a homework assignment where I have to survey 30 PEOPLE and it's very annoying to get people to help me out. If you can take only 2 minutes of your time to complete a quick survey about the past electoral politics, I will love you forever and will buy you a snickers. <3 Thank... Show More

Thank you all for doing this! I completely my hw! <3 *throws snicker bars to everyone*

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  • Name? John Smith.

    Gender? Male

    Age? 42

    Race? Caucasian

    Electoral Status? Democrat

    1. What do you think that Obama should change in politics (if any)?

    Too much to list here, plus he won't change anything worth changing. He's not progressive enough.

    2. Do you think peoples’ votes was swayed by racism? Why or why not?

    Yes of course they were. You just have to look at some of the more popular right wing websites. Jokes about how the first black man in the white house, and already he's asking for change.

    3. While watching the candidate election commercials, what would you say is the difference between the two?

    There's really no difference. They both spend billions of dollars to get a job that pays a couple of hundred thousand dollars per year at best.

    4. Did the commercials help your vote?


    5. During the debates, how was the candidates personality like, or what do you think the personalities would be like?

    Romney did a passable impression of someone who had studied hard in an attempt to mimic human beings.

    Obama was a cross between a wet fish, and someone who was trying to throw the election by taking a dive in the first debate.

    6. Do you think women can/should play a role in politics?

    Of course they should. If Hilary Clinton can get the nomination in 2016, we might just see the South explode into a seething ball of white rage. Bring on the popcorn.

    • Not progressive enough? We can't afford being more progressive! Progressives were the first generation of Americans to denounce openly our founding documents. Woodrow Wilson, for example, once warned that “if you want to understand the real Declaration of Independence, do not repeat the preface”. Obama has no regard for the Constitution or what it stands for, that is evident in his persistence in passing Obama Care. Also there was an actual socialist movement during the Progressive Era. Bad.

    • Obama is too progressive

    • To a rightwinger, sure. To someone on the left, not so much.