Do you believe in horoscope personality traits??

I have always been wondering if horoscope personality traits are matching to our personality. For me, I am a Taurus girl, and I find that stubborn at time and having a high sex drive kinda true. And that Taurus lady appear to be innocent and pure at the surface but we do have a passionate and sexy lady at heart.

So share with me if your horoscope trait is true for you. And is there any people that you know that live up to their horoscope?

Thanks for all the answer. So I guess there is 2 major group of people, one group thinks that horoscope are true to a certain extent, which is what I believe too, and another group that thinks that horoscope is just nonsense.

All answers are respected as a individual opinion, cheers everyone for sharing their thoughts.


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  • Mine have always been true about me. No matter what book or magazine I read, the description usually matches me to a T. So for that reason the answer is yes. I believe in them more than I don't. But I don't rely on horoscope or astrology to live my life.

    • Yes me too, As much as I like reading them, but I don't take the effort to remember and live my life as the book suggest. Cheers for living our own life

    • im pretty sure all the other horoscopes for the other signs would suit you as well

    • Um, actually they don't. But nice try on trying to make someone look like in idiot. You can keep your comments to yourself now. K. thanks!

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  • No, no way. It's complete BS. In fact, there are 13 constellations signs (13=Ophiuchus) in the sky, plus they do not exactly cover a months. Some constellations are much smaller than others. Additionally, the stars in one constellation are not near each other, they just appear to be that because we cannot see depth (the third dimension).

    Another flaw in astrology is the earth's tilt which causes the constellations to shift over time, so in the past Gemini has been observed during winter and Aquarius in summer. It constantly shifts, plus the position of our solar system is subject to continuous change as well. And then there's also the issue of whether you're on the northern or southern hemisphere of earth.

    In short, it's all just nonsense.

    I'm also a Taurus, I read somewhere they are romantics and have day-to-day behavior, which is true in my case. But there are also many characteristics that apply to me from other zodiac signs. And I guess that for everyone at least one thing will apply for his/her own sign, and daily horoscopes are deliberately made vague so they can be interpreted in numerous way.

    • This is not an opinion, it's fact. 10.000 years ago the dates for the zodiac signs were different.. And the signs are not of equal size. The constellations we see, are not observed in the same way as they are on a planet around another star, or on the other side of our galaxy, or another galaxy. From another perspective you can begin to see other animals in the sky. It's all made up. So how can they influence your daily life?

  • 1. If someone has researched and so many have written about it since eons in various languages, dialects and forms then it certainly cannot be hogwash :)

    2. Though everything better be taken with a pinch of salt. Blind belief in anything can be a disaster

    3. As of me I'm a Tarurean by the English Calendar and I fit 'Linda Goodman's' like a hand in glove. However, by birth I'm a Hindu and so according to the Hindu calendar I'm a Leo and I have a lot of Leo traits in me too. Now there are Chinese and other forms of astrology too ;)

    4. Bottomline horoscopes are not nonsense for sure but understanding them is quite a process

  • Not really. Some people take the signs to account seriously though lol, I've got an scorpion tattoo on the back of my neck and people think I am a scorpio. I am actually a sag :D

  • I believe the traits are true but the sin we are born with. The goal in life is not to be detected by the birth sin or zodiac traits.

  • Well I'm a Leo and apparently Leo's are generous... I'm way too generous, so much so that I get manipulated/taken advantage of (my generosity) sometimes.

    But you've gotta' think, not all Leo's are like this. The traits of a star sign can't seriously apply to every single person of that star sign. That seems silly to me.

  • There are several good reasons why it just can't be true.

    First of all the rotation axis of the Earth has shifted, so the "knowledge" of the last who-knows-how-many-centuries is just not correct anymore but still widely used for "fortune telling".

    There has been an experiment where people were shown a horoscope. All of them agreed that it precisely fit them while it was the same shown to everybody. In the end it turned out to be the horoscope made for Marc Dutroux, a Belgian children molester and murderer.

    I could show you a number of horoscopes for me which are contradicting each other. Which ones of these are true?

    There has been an experiment in Swiss TV where three fortune tellers were asked to prepare a horoscope for a candidate. Each of the three wrote something totally different and it ended in a big quarrel in which each of the fortune tellers blamed the others to be cheaters...

  • No. Astrology is nonsense.

  • Astrology is pseudoscientific nonsense.

  • I'm a Pisces and a lot of it is correct about me. But not all of it is accurate, because they only tell you like the common traits, they don't go into detail that much because people can change their personality to where it doesn't match much. So to a certain point its real. Because if your a Pisces I know your Sensitive and if you are a Leo I'm sure you like it when people compliment you on your hair and are loyal and you probably like a challenge as well. If your a Sagittarius I'm pretty sure you are stubborn and can hold your ground in an argument, and will most likely try or want to argue against this post lol. So some of it is true but I wouldn't take it to serious.

  • No because they're not true, if they where, all my best friends would have been born the same month as me (none of them are).

    It's all generalizations. Show me one that's 100% acurate.

  • COLD READING! That's all it's about!

  • have you ever bothered to read the personality traits of another horoscope? I think you will find that every one of them describes your personality to some extent.

  • They are too fickle and those traits overlap with other signs all the time, and mostly they're only 50/50 correct - at some parts you think: "OMG that's totally me!" ..but there also are other parts, which totally are not you.

    It's a way too unreliable source to be treated seriously.

  • What kind of idiot believes in astrology? I don't want to live in this world anymore...

  • No I do not

  • No, I don't believe that stuff, because I'm not a medieval idiot.

    • what about religion ? do you believe in that too ? just asking.

    • Of course not. What part of the whole medieval idiot did you not get?

    • ok. thanks for your answer. by the way I didn't rate you down. because I am in neutral position.

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  • I think it is true up to an extent. Everyone is different, and not everyone of the same sign is going to have exactly the same characteristics to exactly the same degree. But I do believe that people tend to show at least some aspects of their sign, if not all. Of course, a few people won't, or it might not be readily noticeable in them. But I think it's the tendency.

    I am a cancer, and I definitely act like one- I love my home, I'm very sensitive and caring, and I get attached to people and things that have sentimental value. But I can also be more stubborn and more of a perfectionist than cancers are usually said to be. I was actually born on the cusp between cancer and gemini, and for the first part of my life I thought I was a gemini, but my mom always said I was a cancer. Later I went through an astrology phase and realized that I am actually a cancer, but by the hour.

  • I admit, when I like a guy, I might look into his sign and how we match up according to the zodiac, but only for fun and entertainment purposes. I don't take it that seriously. Even when I just look at mine, it only correctly describes me about 75-80% of the time.

  • I don't believe in horoscopes because imagine how many people are the same sign, so it would be crazy that millions of people are the same, have same traits and for a million of people ''their luckyest day will be the 23.'' etc.

  • Im a scorpion, and yes scorpion's all traits suits me

  • It's fun to read but I have to study for finals so have to get back to reality.

  • obviously its real... just like father Christmas

  • not really. not everything it says are always right.

  • To an extent. I don't believe the general idea behind it but as far as personality traits I do.

  • I do not

  • I am a taurus as well, and it is spot on for me, my friends horoscopes are very accurate too. I don't know if I completely believe it but it makes sense that the positioning of the sun when your born has an effect on personalities, etc.

  • most of the time I do

  • I believe some of it

  • Yes, I am a Gemini, and I have two sides. The twins.

  • No but I think its interesting to look at your natal chart and see what matches up. Its fun for me, I don't truly believe in it.

    I'm capricorn sun, gemini moon, and I think cancer rising

    I don't remember all the traits, to be honest. Some of them matched for me, some didn't. the whole natal chart makes it more complicated and not always accurate, but some ways it matches.

    just by my sun sign alone? No, not much. I think capricorns are supposed to value social tradition and convention, be really into the "right" appearances, hard working and type a personality types, highly value family tradition, reserved, "great respect for authority", etc.

    That isn't true for me at all. Only thing I wish were true would be the hard working thing. However, astrology does conveniently say that life and experiences can get in the way of what you're truly meant to be and your true personality. And the natal chart reveals all the other things that work together to influence variations of the sun/moon signs. *eyeroll*

    Some capricorn traits are accurate for me - pessimistic, ambitious, serious, strong willed, stubborn, desire for knowledge, etc. Those are capricorn traits. Also, I've been told that I'm "too logical", a bit of a know it all, and that this is another typical trait of capricorns.

    I have a lot of traits that are very antithetical of the capricorn way - I'm very talkative, loud, expressive, warm and friendly (generally), I'm not reserved in most situations, I'm really funny and I have a positive side to counter my pessimistic nature, I'm definitely not into most traditional, conservative ways of being or thinking, I was never quiet and obedient, almost always question and challenge authority figures, I don't have a very cautious nature when it comes to exposing myself - I'm extremely open and honest, wear my heart on my sleeve type of person, etc.