Do you believe in horoscope personality traits??

I have always been wondering if horoscope personality traits are matching to our personality. For me, I am a Taurus girl, and I find that stubborn at time and having a high sex drive kinda true. And that Taurus lady appear to be innocent and pure at the surface but we do have a passionate and sexy... Show More

Thanks for all the answer. So I guess there is 2 major group of people, one group thinks that horoscope are true to a certain extent, which is what I believe too, and another group that thinks that horoscope is just nonsense.

All answers are respected as a individual opinion, cheers everyone for sharing their thoughts.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Mine have always been true about me. No matter what book or magazine I read, the description usually matches me to a T. So for that reason the answer is yes. I believe in them more than I don't. But I don't rely on horoscope or astrology to live my life.

    • Yes me too, As much as I like reading them, but I don't take the effort to remember and live my life as the book suggest. Cheers for living our own life

    • im pretty sure all the other horoscopes for the other signs would suit you as well

    • Um, actually they don't. But nice try on trying to make someone look like in idiot. You can keep your comments to yourself now. K. thanks!