Why do guys like crazy girls?

Why do guys seem to like immature, crazy girls who are attention seekers. Just do not understand?

Does a girl you keep pissing off really does turn you on that much?

Maybe this is why I am still single! Too f***ing nice.


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    lol, no offense but I really don't know what planet you are from but me and along with a few of my male relatives I hang around with always wish that there would be more mature women in this world.

    trust me! I hate crazy girls with a passion. I'm sick of all these chicks now a days being so stupid and immature just to get attention and fit in. this really pisses me of! I wish I would find that chick that is mature and smart and puts attention and other superficial stupidities as their last agenda

    • Must be the type of guys I am meeting then... I will read what a guy wants in a girl and have most those qualities, but when dating these days, seem to be meeting a a few duds lately. Just getting over it. Being in my 30's and all.

    • yea! I have noticed that a lot. though chicks start puberty before us; you know, growing t*ts and ass at ages 11 and up I still notice that their mind and behavior are still the same. even when they reach their 20s they are still as immature as they were in their teen. talking from experience as the chicks I spoked about in my answer are all around my age

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  • No its only the immature boys who like the immature girls, you just need to find more mature guys to fit in by the sounds of it, because most guys would queue up for a too f***ing nice girl lol,x

  • Guys like crazy girls and I must emphasize 'INITIALLY' cause they think they are fun and lively which gives the guys a high.

    But this is only till they are in a relationship of sorts most time after which the craziness gets to them (would to most and anyone) and then starts the usual banter lol

    'Nice girls' on the other hand don't exude the same fun and adventure but there are many who dig those qualities too.

    There are always exceptions though, but most times what's said above holds true.

  • Some girls feed on rejection. Seems like the guy like them but the fact is the guy just likes the attention. Getting attention will not get you respect, nor will you feel self respect later.

  • Frankly because crazy girl are the most responsive in bed from my experience. They tell you if you suck and they scream so hard that you have to put music often times so the neighbors don't alert the police.

    Try to beat that with a prudish girl.

  • Answer:

    Guys do not like crazy girls.

    Guys like hot girls.

    Hot overpowers crazy.

    • The girl is average looking. Maybe it is because she is blonde? LoL.

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    • Or maybe she does and he probably just a sexual thing. Glad I don't get sucked in as easily as she does. :).

    • That's definitely one way to look at it.

  • The girls that you describe are energy drains. They sap the life out of me and I feel too old for their shenanigans.

    The quieter and maturer the woman is, the more likely I will be head over heals for her.

  • immature, crazy girls who are attention seekers are easy

    they add silly sparkle to the day and you'll have funny stories for life

    nice, responsible girls tend to be afraid of everything and introverted so you have to carry the burden to have a fun, entertaining time - they just sit there and don't add value

  • As someone who has dated a couple of them, it's because they tend to be exciting, at least at first. When it turns scary, we wish we'd resisted the temptation.

    • And since you're single and are more than half my age. :-) what are you looking for?

  • Is...

    Is this a parody question?

  • The sex.

  • I personally like the quiet ones who aren't all that nuts! The really crazy ones are a turnoff to me.

  • I prefer girls who are quieter like me.

  • Probably because they're "hot". Men, like women...CAN be pretty shallow when it comes to dating and sex...if we like what we see, we'll go after it, crazy or not

    • Just for sex? Doubt someone like that would be relationship material.

    • Not necessarily...maybe they're just looking for sex at that point in their life...like myself. I'm in no way ready for a relationship (still in school, no job) yet I would love to have hookups

  • yep, I think its stupid but, there's a book called why nice guys like bitches.

    however, those kinds of guys are usually with low self esteem and weak willed.. which is why theyll take the sh*tty treatment and kiss her dumb ass. reasonable guys are gonna have standards, and will throw a girl out if she's retarded like that.

    • hahaha if she's retarded like that.

    • Ha. Yeah. What you describe sounds like this guy. Starting to realize that. Just why?! He and I used to be involved. We dated and the minute I said I did not want to be friends with benefits he ends it. This coming from someone in their mid 30's. Not their mid 20's!

      Before I brought that up things were fine but after two and a half months thought I would be seeing him more the once a week. A couple of other red flags came up so had to say something.

  • She could be a stalker and that wouldn't be fun baring that crazy is exciting not a turn on.

  • I don't. Those that do probably associate that female with willingness t have sex, and hence the interest.

    Just be yourself. The truth is you only need to meet one - the right one - out of all the males in the world. Just be yourself.

    • Possibly. He and I used to go out and when I noticed things were not progressing. Mentioned I did not to be a part of it if this was just casual sex and he ends it. Have not heard from him since.

  • Maybe you give off the successful independent woman type vibe. A lot of guys are afraid of a woman who may be more successfuel then they are. The guy likes to be the one who is the "saver" so to speak, and the girl is always the "fixer." I always seem to fall for the ones that need a kick in the ass and an actual direction in life. Hopefully I'll meet someone like you where she has her sh*t together:)

  • Crazy and emotional not so much but peppy and exciting yes. I tend to mirror the people I'm around so it's the if you're excited them I'm excited sort of thing. With all due respect to "nice girls", it can't be the only thing you have going for you (but it's definitely a must for me).

  • Attractive girls tend to have something wrong with them. You're not single because you're too nice. Don't be ridiculous.

    • Not all the time. Well after seeing this it feels that way.

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  • Maybe the guys are making us crazy.


  • the reason you're single is not because you're nice...I know plenty of people who are like that and they always have boyfriends...

    crazy girls get attention because they're different... they make themselves get noticed, and some guys like that (at least for a while)...there's also the fact that crazy girls are easier to get in bed..

  • they're crazy too

  • Because *most* of the women that are considered crazy are also considered really hot... and so they're able to get away with a lot more.

    I also think *some* guys like the drama more than they'd like to admit, haha!

    Women too, for that matter :-)

    • one two ... one two ... check it out no drama for my sugar mama!

    • Haha!