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This guy says I'm a serious and guarded person?

Im not dating him at all, but I do work with him. I don't know why he decided to tell me this but now I would like some advice if you please on what... Show More

It seems some answers say that he is after me, but I really don't see the correlation between wanting me and just telling me I was a guarded person. can anyone elaborate?

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  • LOL! Just tell him 'If I'm worth having as a friend you will find a way to make me drop my guard and loosen up."

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  • So you should be to a man you work with so just say, yes, that's correct and go about whatever it is you do and keep it work like at the work place. If he can't be like a worker then you can ask him to transfer to another place or ask the supervisor to say something to him so you don't lose your job over the guy.

  • loosen up then.

  • Men typically mean what they say...so you should just take it as face value. He's pointing out something he sees in you...if he likes you, you'll know, trust me!

  • it is his way of saying lets start to flirt I would say .why not ask him what he ment by that remark. get it from the hourse"s mouth.

    • ha ha he's been flirting with me for quite awhile, so can't ask him that questioin. but thank you!

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