Why has the number of male players gone up over the last few years?

I'm a heterosexual male, but often take notice of this around the bars, and within the general public. It seems that the amount of males playing women has sky rocketed. Understandably that people in general mature, or change throughout life, but after studying a few years of psychology, and sociology. It's become apparent that a higher percentage of males are now classified as (Players), or one who misguide women into sleeping with them, or misleading them into a situation that is untrue.

Has anyone else seen this within the last year? I've read a study a few months back. That had studied men over the last 40 years, and how they would approach women as a whole. The study continued to show that the percentage of male subjects have now gone up to around 60 to even70 percent of males being generalized as players. Usually it drops off at the age of 26 to 28, but I can't believe that 30% of men are the only ones considered to be Gentlemen per-say.


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  • I have noticed that. And it is because you can't approach the average woman at the club anymore and just tell them what's on your mind and what you would like to do. For example. "Hi I noticed you from over there and I was wondering if I could get to know you. Maybe give you my number and we could go out some time." Would get the guy laughed out of the club today.

    My friend calls the current phenomenon "Selling a dream" Because that's all they will buy. I was having this same conversation with my sister. And I told her straight up. no one goes to the club to find their soul mate. And if they do, they are a fool.

    But I have to say it works both ways,

    The club scene is like a game The girls are trying to trick the guys into buying them drinks. And the guys are trying to... Well you know. And the victor is whoever gets what they want by the end of the night. Or by morning.

    I don't really go to clubs anymore. unless I actually go with someone. because you can't get to know someone in a club. Aside from the music blaring and the alcohol being thrown back. People lie. Plain and simple. The club scene is worst that teenagers on the internet...

    which is why internet dating is becoming more common place. You have to find a place where genuine people go to meet other genuine people. Million dollar idea? the club scene is a place to go hook up.

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      Thanks for your advice, and I will completely with you on every level of your interpretation on discussing today's male and female agenda. Life has sure changed from when our parents grew, and I am with you on the idea to stay away from meeting girls at bars. I've not yet once met a girl at a bar who has not at least once tried to hook-up at a later date, or time.

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      it was so much easier when the adults forced you to marry someone. No lie. No misleads. No trickery. Just two people being forced to live under the same roof. Sad that that sounds better than people meeting and trying to take advantage of each other...