Is he lying to me? How can I tell?

Before I got with my boyfriend, he used to smoke pot. He knows I don't like it and he stopped.

He tells me he doesn't do it anymore but sometimes I think he still does.

it pot easy to quit? do you crave it? I don't know if I should believe him or not...

I've never tried it so I don't know this stuff!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Do you care about him smoking or lying about it?

    If you have doubts he possibly is.

    Are you trying to change a guy? Is your stuff that good that he would lie to keep it calm and in good place of come witheher.

    Only time will tell. If he become dumber next Christmas you know he did not stop, plain, simple and to the point.

    You must wear the pants, nice job, now get him to take you on a cruise.

    Good luck,


What Guys Said 4

  • Search everywhere and see if there is weird smells

  • pot isn't addictive at all its just fun to do sometimes like drink but its easy to hide so he probaly is...answer my question please!

  • Pot isn't addictive. It's your call though if you trust him.


What Girls Said 2

  • Despite what most pot smokers say, yes it is addictive and habit forming. Habitually if not chemically. I don't know many to have stopped completely before until it begins interfering with their jobs and families.

  • If he's addicted, it's hard to stop. Be glad he told you he's willing to quit for you. Try to believe him, you should trust your boyfriend. There's no thing as Pinokkio's nose to see if someone is lying, but why wouldn't you trust him? Give him the benefit of the doubt, it's quite good of him to (try to) stop because you don't like it.