Intrigue, mysterious guy?

What is it about the "mysterious guy" that makes him attractive? Okay let's start with an example, Leonardo Dicaprio in catch me if you can; you know the mysterious guy, well, what exactly is it about these types of guys (or girls - I'm not biased) that makes them the object of affection? Is it suspense of wanting to get to know them? Intrigue, from not knowing what to expect? Or using imagination to picture the person doing all kinds of cool and daring things?


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  • I think it's a mix of them three. Us girls tend to over use our imaginations and we like to do so, we picture ourselves and our guys in many different scenarios and wonder about how he might react to them and such. We tend to think how this time he will be "the one", not necessarily so for marriage, maybe just for a fun night, a long relationship or to take the great trip you've been wanting to take. We like to think how this one has all the things we look for in our perfect man, and as long as we don't know everything about him, there's a little ray of hope. Besides, he'll keep us wondering as to how he really is and if he likes this or that, showing something new everyday and surprising us.

    What would you prefer? A girl who puts everything on the table too soon, that by the end of the night you even know her shoe size and the way she loves how her closet looks color coordinated? Or a girl who lets you know enough to make you feel you are "in" and leaves the mystery so there's always a little more to get to know about her, something new each day to keep the relationship alive and not boring?

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      I don't want mystery, suspense, or surprise because usually the girls who try to control how much you know about them are crazy, manipulative, or drama queens. The best girls I've ever known always put the cards on the table, were straightforward, etc.

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      I'm not saying the girl/guy should hold everything back, sure every important piece of information that shows who she is should be said, I'm just saying that keeping some stuff for later is a bit more fun. More to find out about the person and keep you going.