Girls and Guys! One person liking the other more. Please share your experiences.

If you are a guy, then you liking the girl more than the girl likes you.

( I think this is usually more common)

If you are a girl, you liking the guy more than he likes you. (I think this is somewhat less common)


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  • I don't enter relationships that I can tell are one sided like this, and when I do, I'll leave them immediately.

    Yes this happens all the time, but for me its pre-relationship, I like a girl a lot, she doesn't return my same feelings or at the very least is on the fence. I walk away from these situations. Some girls have been tough to play hard to get and think I'll keep hacking away until she gives in and decides to date me. Sorry, but I have better things to do with my time than chase a girl who doesn't really want to be with me, in hopes that I can change her mind, which is very unlikely and as other have said, will likely be a one sided and unhealthy relationship to begin with.


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  • A genuine guy would be more connected to a girl he likes and willing to risk getting hurt than she probably would, but girls struggle to move on as quick as guys do,x

    • What if the guy has been hurt before?

    • He might be stronger the next time round, but this does not mean he wouldn't give everything to that relationship, he will just be wary of who he finally opens up to. We don't like getting emotionally hurt either, so we do what we can to minimise this,x

  • Those types of relationships don't usually last long.

  • Happened to me once I met a girl I hadn't spoken to in years and then we started to catch up a number of times then I told her I wanted something more. Turned out that she had feelings for me as well but as it turned out she was with one of my friends but that was that, we are still friends so I'm happy with that, I'd rather be a good friend then nothing altogether.

  • I've been in situations where the girl likes me, but I don't like them back; and I've been in situations where the girl doesn't like me back. It happens to everyone. You can't force someone to like you. That's just life.

  • I think the first sentence that's usually more common and definitely true. It sucks for us guys...

  • Yep I liked this girl and thought we could be something more. She even insisted on us being more than friends. Texted me like everyday and all day, then one day she told me that she was going to her friend's party. I didn't care much since I trusted her. She then randomly messages me while she's at the party and said she was drunk and kissed some guy. I knew that was just bs and an excuse so I just moved on.

  • From what I observed from my life is the guy would like the girl more in the beginning, until the girl chases him away!

    • I agree. But what is your personal experience with this type of situation?

    • I've never had a girl like me enough to even be interested in talking to me, its just what I've observed from friends and others that gave me this perception.

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  • That's a formula that will result in you getting hurt

    • I agree. I totally like this guy more than he likes me and it really hurts. :( What has been your experience?

    • I liked him more than he liked me. I wanted to see him exclusively and he wanted to see me and other girls.