What do you hope and expect? or are they both the same?

What are your dreams? Are your dreams what you expect from your future or its just a hope? What is your ultimate goal in life? How far have you come?

I'd love to hear inspirational parts of your journey too.. ;)

Thank you in advance :))


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  • I dreamed of being a rock star when I turned 15 years old... I knew 'hope' wasn't enough, so I started taking lessons, learned how to play and joined a few bands. The rock star thing never happened, but that lead me to learn electronics, messing around with my amps and rewiring my guitar to produce different sounds... I studied Low Voltage Applications in college. Went to the military and my Military Occupation was electrical repair specialist. I was discharged (honorably) after 8 years. When I returned to civilian life I opened my own business installing car stereo systems and car alarms. I didn't like the long hours and all the issues with workers, so I sold it, used the money to buy my house and went to work in the fire alarm Industry. I now travel all over the country training technicians on fire alarm systems. I still play with my little band at local pubs for fun on weekends and holidays... Sometimes you go look for a job, and another job ends up finding you. Maybe it was meant to be that way... Maybe if I forced the issue on being a rock star I would have made it, but then died of an overdose or something... who knows. I'm happy so far. I help save lives and get to 'tour' the country. I just don't have roadies and groupies!

    • wow... you sure had a great ride...

    • LOL yes I have... And I'm not done... I'll soon be 30 so if I have a long life, I figure another 40 years on this earth and I can call a ride!

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  • My expectations and dreams are mostly different but some are the same.

    I expect to get married, start a family, live a comfortable happy life, perform well at my job, treat my friends and family kindly and be an upstanding gentleman.

    dreams of mine include traveling a world, publishing more writings and finding happiness. I also hope for world peace, the end of starvation, and the equal and fair treatment of all people

    some of my dreams seem more attainable and therefore touch on expectation. There are few dreams I have that I believe are entirely out of my reach (obviously some are). It would be awesome if all my dreams could be put in the category of expectation but I am a realist and know that isn't possible

    • we share our dreams... but I expect a couple of them :) thanku! :))

  • My dream is to find One Piece. It's not a dream if it can be made possible.

    My ultimate goal in life is to travel all the cities and places in the world.

    My hope is to be a number one and top producer of my company.

    • Find one peice? Meaning?

    • It's the ultimate treasure in the anime One Piece, the greatest anime of all time.

      Kaizokuo ni ore wa na ru! =)

    • Oh! :) cool :)

  • I like this question, unfortunately I would have far to much to say, but my inspiration is driven by others success,x

    • thank you for answering! :))

  • Good question! My dreams and expectations are more or less connected. I aspire to follow a lot of my current dreams since I was about 12, I'm nearly 24 now. I'm getting closer and closer to reaching my goals, some of them have already come true, more or less. I set personal goals every now and then which I expect to reach after a certain amount of time. It's not always easy, but I know what I'm capable of and expect to do my best whenever I can.

    My dreams are mostly related to personal growth, financial freedom, my future career and to learn about the world and people while traveling the globe. I've don't really have an urge to set any goals related to romantic relationships and building a family. It might happen to me sometime too, but for now, I love to keep my freedom. I believe that I might find the right person if I just continue to live my life, and don't get too obsessed in having to find a soulmate.

    I've grown a lot already, both mentally and physically as well. Even though I've got a lot of expectations for myself, I'm pretty relaxed and have a positive outlook on life. I'm sure it will only get better in the following years and I can't wait for it to happen. I never talk much about myself, but it felt good to write my story for once.

  • My dream's are my hopes for my future? There is no guarantee I will achieve them although I will never give up on them or myself.

    How far have I come? Closer than a year before but still a long way to go.

    Something inspirational I'd like to share, I believe everyone is capable of achieving anything they truly set their mind too. I believe In myself just as much as I believe in another person. We all have the same human will and are all very connected. The only secret to success is to never quit.

    • i completely agree with your last paragraph and its really amazing. thank you :)

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  • For me hopes are things I aim for and would like in my life but my expectations are more like goals I will accomplish. I understand how for some people these two things really can be the same. I think for me I am just hard on myself and I have realistic (sometimes high) expectations for myself and push myself to them.

    • i really like your answer! thanku! :))

  • I want to be a fashion designer. I want to live from making clothes.

    Currently I'm working with my shop at etsy.com and I am selling some items at a local store.

    I plan to apply for the international program at AMFI, which is a fashion school in Amsterdam :)

  • I don't have dreams neither goals anymore.

    • U shud...

    • My life sucks...

    • No ones life sucks. If you think it does, change it. You have ol d power.