What do you hope and expect? or are they both the same?

What are your dreams? Are your dreams what you expect from your future or its just a hope? What is your ultimate goal in life? How far have you come?

I'd love to hear inspirational parts of your journey too.. ;)

Thank you in advance :))


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  • I dreamed of being a rock star when I turned 15 years old... I knew 'hope' wasn't enough, so I started taking lessons, learned how to play and joined a few bands. The rock star thing never happened, but that lead me to learn electronics, messing around with my amps and rewiring my guitar to produce different sounds... I studied Low Voltage Applications in college. Went to the military and my Military Occupation was electrical repair specialist. I was discharged (honorably) after 8 years. When I returned to civilian life I opened my own business installing car stereo systems and car alarms. I didn't like the long hours and all the issues with workers, so I sold it, used the money to buy my house and went to work in the fire alarm Industry. I now travel all over the country training technicians on fire alarm systems. I still play with my little band at local pubs for fun on weekends and holidays... Sometimes you go look for a job, and another job ends up finding you. Maybe it was meant to be that way... Maybe if I forced the issue on being a rock star I would have made it, but then died of an overdose or something... who knows. I'm happy so far. I help save lives and get to 'tour' the country. I just don't have roadies and groupies!

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      wow... you sure had a great ride...

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      LOL yes I have... And I'm not done... I'll soon be 30 so if I have a long life, I figure another 40 years on this earth and I can call a ride!