How do I learn to maintain eye contact and smile?

So I have a problem where I have a lot of trouble maintaining eye contact with a person that I am speaking to, it seems really intimidating and awkward for me, so I look around and focus on their nose, but I feel as though I should learn to actually look at the person, it maks conversation more meangingful. so how do I stop getting so shy and intimidated?

Also, I have a small crooked tooth next to a slightly larger tooth on one side so I don't smile because I think the smile looks ugly, but I want to :/

so no eyecontact plus no smiling, just makes me look like an intimidating person :/ How do I overcome this?


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  • I didn't get braces until half way through college so I know exactly how you feel. Having said that I understand what you mean with having a difficult time holding eye contact, especially when someone is speaking to you up close and they are REALLY staring at you hehe. I'm a guy so I think it is easier for me to hold my stare. After I got my braces (my teeth look nearly perfect) I noticed that smiling plays a HUGE part in being able to hold someones stare. There's just something about smiling and letting all your teeth show that people really react to it (positively).

    The best technique is to be relaxed when you are staring directly into someones eyes instead of focusing into their eyes, and having to think about holding the stare, just let your eyes slowly move to meet theirs and lock onto them, relaxed, smiling helps with relaxation.

    After a while you should become really good at it and you can even play around with people that way. Like smiling at total strangers to see how they will react, and holding your stare. Hehe

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      I am actually in my 2nd year of college and I am yet to get braces and I am terrified, I have trouble holding a smile as is...ahah I'm just ogin to become invisible because nobody will notice a shy no eye contact no smile person :L

      I do that soemtimes, I smile at strangers but it looks really tight lipped and forced becuase I hate showing teeth but your riht I should probably relax!