Does parkour Impress ladies?

Not trying to impress anybody but I'm just wondering if it does or doesn't

  • Yes it does!
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  • I don't give a sh*t
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I like how most tough people don't give a sh*t lol


Most Helpful Girl

  • It does in that it's really cool to watch and I wish I could do that, but not in the way that if guy A could do it and guy B couldn't, I'd choose guy A. It's not a requirement or anything nor does it generally make someone more attractive. It just is a cool skill like being able to swim/run fast or being able to play an instrument well, you know?


What Girls Said 7

  • Yeah, because you need to be strong and skilled for it, and it is a really interesting sport.

    • Fun to watch to...entertaining

  • Somewhat but I use to be really into skaters,I just wouldn't want him to be injured

  • Yeah because you need to be really strong and agile

  • depends on the girl

  • yeah... when you get horribly disfigured by poles and such

    • just saying... it's interesting when that happens. I'm impressed when they survive from such injuries :0

  • kinda. all the free running is kinda cool


What Guys Said 2

  • It gives you a great body, which whether or not the girls actually like the sport, will appreciate. You should me a built man and I'll show you several women trying hard to hide their drooling. Of course, you have to be interesting in other areas, but being built never hurts.

  • Lol