How would react if....? shy guys question!

I am just wondering how would you act if you were pushed into a girl as a shy lad...if you like them how do you respond to the person who did it? would you get mad at them or what?

I am just wondering whether a guy likes me or not...he is said to be really shy...and when one of my friends pushed him into me he got mad at her and told her she made things awkward...what does this mean?


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  • Yes, very shy guys get mad when you push them. talking to a pretty girl is very often compared to jumping off a cliff and for a reason.

    Imagine you are terrified of heights and someone pushes you off a cliff in the water... two option, get ready for the splash and control the situation, then laugh about it, or get mad at the friend.

    Most the time if it is done too aggressively the lad will get mad. So he most likely do like you.

    I hope it helps ^^.


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  • I personally would have just put my hand on her back or something and I'm sorry, and asked if she was alright, then been on my way. Then after walking away I would have basically looked at my friend and been like WTF was that for.

    She probably thought it would be like the movies. The two of you would bump into each other, your books would fall out of your hands, he would bend over to help you pick them up, you both then lock eyes and its love at first sight. Yeah that doesn't happen, your friend was dumb for thinking this would actually work.

  • I can mean a lot of things... But if he doesn't speak, rather you will or it just won't happen.

  • Id apologize and probably be exaggerating my annoyance with my friend due to my embarassment if I was attracted to the girl. Which seems a bit like what he was doing. Although it's easy to read into these things a bit much. Just look for other similar signs.

  • I might do a similar thing if I was pushed into a girl I liked, actually.

    I guess you should be looking to see how he is acting towards you. Did he up and ignore you altogether or did he apologize to you profusely? Or did he just say "Sorry. She pushed me into you." and then just move away?

    If you like him, you should try to get him to join some mutual friends and do some sort of a group activity (like play a board game, get food, or go bowling). Get friendlier with him. Then get him alone and ask him if he is interested in dating. This is how I would want a girl to break the ice with me.

  • well.. I would apologize way too much. if I didn't like her I would just mess with my friends a little.

    If I did like her... well then I would definitely get angry with my friends

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  • guys might get deffensive and angry when he is embarresed (pushed) in front of a girl they like... so Possably, try to do some more detective work to look for some more clues that might help you figure him out