Why does everyone think all girls like being checked out?

I read in another question that all girls like being checked out. I don't understand this! Why is it people try not to generalize but when this subject comes up all the guys/girls INSIST that all girls like to be checked out.

Why is it the few girls who said they didn't like being checked out gained all the down votes? Is it BAD to not like being check out?

I honestly hate it and why is that a problem for other people?

I just don't understand.


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  • I don't think they do, and I also hate being checked out. If the person is a girlfriend or boyfriend it is nice if they look at you, but a stranger is just weird and can be gross and awkward. It is a turnoff even if the person is attractive.

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  • It's not BAD to not like being checked out. But the fact that it's SUCH an issue for you definitely says something about your personality. Why does it bother you so much?

  • Because nobody said ALL. They say most, which is true and even the polls showed it. Of course there will always be oddball exceptions.

  • Because high heels, tight provocative clothing, and makeup aren't functional, they serve a purpose of grabbing attention.

    • @anonymous21343: so do I...

    • Yes but the point is why can't a girl say that they don't like being checked out if she doesn't dress like that. The point is even if a girl dresses conservatively everyone gets mad at her is she doesn't like being checked out.

    • Girls get checked out regardless of what they wear...

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  • Because 'its so tiresome having people attracted to me all the time' is not a complaint that is going to get you much sympathy.

    • He noticed me first because of how I acted and started liking me that way and then he realized he liked how I looked. Looks come second to him. His friends always joke that you could put him in a room full of naked models and he wouldn't notice. A bit extreme joke but he just doesn't check girls out. He notices my outer appearance now and only started commenting after being in the relationship for a while.

      I see what you mean about the other people. Its really a harsh world we live in

    • If your boyfriend never noticed you as attractive, how are you together?

      Why do people care if others find them attractive then complain others are shallow? Because they're bitter and hurt. They want to be wanted. They feel unwanted. They're unwanted because they don't look good enough. So they're upset that others can't want them for whatever other qualities they have. And when someone who IS attractive complains about the unwanted attention, they go nuts.

    • Its not about being viewed as attractive. Its about people checking me out/ hitting on me that make me feel uncomfortable. I'm fine with being viewed as attractive but not being checked out. My boyfriend thinks I'm good looking and I'm fine with that but what drew me to him is that he never checked me out/hit on me. Maybe it seems like a hang up but why do others have to react so unkindly. Why does everyone care so much if another finds them attractive. then people get mad at the shallow people.

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  • Because so many girls who do say they don't. Girls who get lots of attention take it for granted. Those who don't get it appreciate it.

    Bottom line is that guys like to check girls out, like it or not. It's not all about YOU.

    • You're beginning to worry me. Seriously.

    • The law protects us from being murdered. It does not protect anyone from being looked at.

    • Why is it that someone has a 'right' to do whatever they please? If so then don't I have a 'right' to murder whoever I please and no one has a 'right' not to be murdered?

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