What Characteristics In A Guy Are You Attracted To?

We have heard of the bad boys, the players, the nice guys. But what are the certain traits about guys that really give us the hots for them?

  • Vote A Sweet, Sensitive, Caring
  • Vote B Confident, Funny, Independent
  • Vote C Adventurous, Exciting, Spontaneous
  • Vote D Intelligent, Successful, Sophisticated
  • Vote E Thoughtful, Genuine, Loyal
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well I don't know about other girls, but I don't have one type. I'm all over the place. I could like one guy because he's confident and hilarious, but like another one because he's smart and sophisticated. All these qualities are good but not too many people can say they have them all, so I guess I like a good mix of several of them. =)

    I do find overall confidence to be the sexiest, because you can't be sexy if you're not confident. I could never be with a guy who wasn't sure of himself and wasn't confident. (Notice I didn't say "cocky". )

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      I definitely agree that confidence is one of the most appealing things in a guy. But like you said not really arrogant, just extremely comfortable in his own skin. That is very hot! LoL