Why is he mad at me when I caught him in a lie? Why won't he apologize?

My guy friend is mad at me and not talking to me because I caught him in a lie. I told him I needed to stay away from him because it hurt me so much with the lie that he told. He owes me a LOT of money but I'm not even worried about getting that from him.

Why can't he just apologize? He lied to his baby's mom too about something similar. Why do some guys think they can "get one passed us" and why don't they fess up?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Habitual liars dislike being caught, as they have no remorse, and no intention of changing. It would take a life-changing experience of some kind to motivate any heartfelt improvement in this, and apparently your relationship with him is not life-changing in his eyes. I recommend you move forward in your life, without any involvement with him whatsoever. Don't let yourself be blinded by your love. I've been in the same trap myself, so you have my full sympathy. All the best.