Why do most guys just stop calling & answering their phone?

Why do most guys just stop calling & answering their phone instead of just saying "this isn't working for me" or something like that? It really is the decent thing to do so both people can move on quickly.


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  • It's the easy way out.

    Plus later, when you're feeling horny and don't have any other girls you can always just call them and be like "hey yeah I was really busy the last 2 weeks because bla bla and I was sick bla bla" and then meet up and still sleep with her :D

    So in a way, you're not necessarily cutting of all contact with them but also kind of put them on "hold" for if you need them again some day.

    Oh yeah, and women are far worse then men in this.

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      I disagree. Men are worse. Is that a real picture of you. Looks fake.

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      In about 17 years of dating, I've never had a woman tell me directly that it was over.

      She always needs time, she doesn't know what she wants, she's busy with work...

      I did this crap the first few times, but I've learned it's better to be direct: "I don't want to see you any more. Sorry."

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      The question is why do men stop calling instead of just saying they're not interested? So voodoochild when you say, "women find every reason possible to not be with him and come up with really lame excuses with leads to the guy still having a hope", You are saying you believe females don't give they silent treatment. I don't agree with your statement that men and women equally do this and you don't either.