Why do most guys just stop calling & answering their phone?

Why do most guys just stop calling & answering their phone instead of just saying "this isn't working for me" or something like that? It really is the decent thing to do so both people can move on quickly.


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  • It's the easy way out.

    Plus later, when you're feeling horny and don't have any other girls you can always just call them and be like "hey yeah I was really busy the last 2 weeks because bla bla and I was sick bla bla" and then meet up and still sleep with her :D

    So in a way, you're not necessarily cutting of all contact with them but also kind of put them on "hold" for if you need them again some day.

    Oh yeah, and women are far worse then men in this.

    • I disagree. Men are worse. Is that a real picture of you. Looks fake.

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    • In about 17 years of dating, I've never had a woman tell me directly that it was over.

      She always needs time, she doesn't know what she wants, she's busy with work...

      I did this crap the first few times, but I've learned it's better to be direct: "I don't want to see you any more. Sorry."

    • The question is why do men stop calling instead of just saying they're not interested? So voodoochild when you say, "women find every reason possible to not be with him and come up with really lame excuses with leads to the guy still having a hope", You are saying you believe females don't give they silent treatment. I don't agree with your statement that men and women equally do this and you don't either.

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  • For one thing, if the guy says, "Sorry but I don't like you anymore," the girl just as easily says, "who said I ever liked you to begin with." Chances are your guy is uncertain what your feelings are for him.

    Girls are very indirect about what they say, speaking through implications and possibilities rather than direct statements. It's not that there is inherently anything wrong with this choice of language system, but the *guy* doesn't even know anything for certain. If he actually knew what the relationship format was or the interests involved, it'd be much easier to be polite about it.

    Guys do this all the time in other areas. They cancel contracts with the phone company when they want to switch services. They tell salesmen that it's not what they're looking for. In fact, men are more likely to be direct than women. However, this is when there is a level of directness involved from the other party that allows them to actually gain some concrete knowledge.

    • So what about the actual reason for disappearing, is it second thoughts, loss of interest, or what?....

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    • Once again, however, if you are direct with him about your motives and desires ("I want to see you again" and "call me back" are not direct), he'll be more likely to directly reciprocate.

      Realize that sex with him is contingent on the lack of a relationship (commitment). Your actions suggest you have some feelings for him. I'm guessing somewhere previously some expectations were defines and he sees this as breaking your deal.

    • Thanks for your responses. They have REALLY helped! I'm just a very communicative person & I am not sure why this is seen as getting emotionally involved by men. I talk to my girl friends a lot too. So should I just say at the beginning of my new FWB situation "hey I am a communicator, so just tell me if you don't like that in this situation." Seems guys love flirting a ton at 1st & then want silence & a bootie call.????????????

  • Women do the same thing. I've had worse than that also. I had a girl not tell me she wasn't interested, she ditched me on my birthday to sleep with another guy.

  • Not only guys but a lot of girls do that too.. Perhaps girls are even worse since guys are more direct and do less mind games.. This ignoring just shows how immature and childish the person really is.

    Maybe you have been unlucky with men.. These generalizations are a bit annoying. For example I never left by ignoring and I'm a guy.

    • First of all, females communicate their feels more than man and are more upfront about want they want. Second of all, guys are cowards when they're done they don't call that's how they let you know they're done.

  • Please! don't forget that guy or male mind set is originally made for sexual satisfaction! so a guy can easily stop answering your call if he had already enter the paradise, and had the satisfaction he wanted so dearly! Sometimes too! he may already have somebody in his life as a lover and only using you as a mean for daily keep going, therefore he doesn't have much to discuss with you unless he needs that your special service! I hope you will understand me. And also if the person is a Gemini zodiac sign he will not waste much time with you!. He appears and vanishes! Thanks


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  • I think some guys think its less hurtful to tell you and you'll move on if they stop talking to you. I hate it too. I think that's how guys are with cheating too. Like they'll cheat on you instead of breaking up because then they don't have to worry about hurting you unless you find out and they get to have 2 girls at once and its all thrilling and stuff. That's just how I've kind of begun to see it anyway.

  • Well, basically because most men don't like confrontation or dealing with someone who is emotional in any way so they avoid issues.

  • Im going through the same thing right now. I think it would be so much easier if the guy would just say he isn't interested anymore instead of completely ignoring me. I guess some guys just don't have enough respect or balls to say how they really feel.

  • cause guys do not like confrontations at all and will aboid them at every case. its just easier and quicker to just disappear which yes is inconsiderate and rude but guys are like this or people in general just don't want to hurt your feelings by telling you the truth. nobody wants to hear its not working nor want someone to be ignoring there calls. So like I said guys just don't want no drama and by talkin to you is a possibility.

  • Plain and simple: HE'S JUST NOT INTO YOU & he's a chicken sh*t.

  • its the easy way out. they don't want to confront the issue or try and work things out, so they just play ignorant and hope for it to go away,

  • Guys do it for the same reason girls do. To avoid discomfort and an awkward situation.

    It is easier to avoid then confront.

    The best thing you can do is lead by example and start being straight forward with people. Next time you don't like a guy, call him, be direct and let him know. He will appreciate it and you won't have to screen your calls for a week.

  • I totally agree with voodoo child about the booty call thing but I wouldn't put up with that crap anymore. I'm ruthless about what I want from guys now. Not a bitch,dont mistake my meaning but if I'm dealing with crap I have no tolerance for it now as you can't change anyone but yourself. You can't fix this, its just the way men are so you have to change yourself and get more standards.

    Dont even try to fix it, its so pointless! Pay attention to warning signs in relationships. I always listen to my intuition and gut instinct to help you spot potential losers. You can hone it with practice.Do you have a really good girlfriend you can talk to about man problems? I do and it really helps me. The mistake women make is to whitewash the truth all the time when being asked about relationship problems. Women will say its just trying to spare someones feelings but for me personally Id rather know the truth from the get-go.

    You should read "Act like a man, think like a lady" by steve harvey which basically says women need to raise their standards. and this a guy saying it too!

  • some are afraid to tell it to your face. or scared of rejection. or have gotten with another girl already-the latter happened to me. the guy I liked actually hooked back with his ex-gf and at that time, it hurt, but I don't care. it's really stupid, I agree.