What does it mean if a guy 'snuggles' with you?

i have this guy friend who I really like, I've round to his flat a couple of times to watch a film and both times we've ended up 'snuggling' up in his bed. the first time he actually kissed me but we got interrupted almost immediately and I pulled away. I think he thought I was rejecting him as nothing much has come of it since but I am going round to his again next week. does this mean anything? do guys snuggle because they like the girl? or just for the hell of it? and do you think I should I ask him about it?

please help me!

thank youuu :)

thanks for your help, I went round his and we ended up snuggling again but this time we kissed properly :) now just got to figure out what THAT means! I have a feeling he might feel awkward about it again tho, do you think I should ask him? what do I say?


Most Helpful Guy

  • snuggling is only enjoyable when you're with someone you like, it's not like kissing or sex where you can just have hormones kick in. So if he's snuggling with you he definitely likes you