I am an ugly guy, how can I make more female friends and get a girlfriend?

Hi there. I am a guy. I got picked on quite a lot when I was a kid. I was fat but I was top student in school for maths and science. Sometimes people would make negative comments about my appearance because I had a very chubby face and belly. I wasn't popular with the girls. After I have a hair... Show More

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  • I'm not sure what your question is because you went off on a tangent here about your looks.

    First off, "I don't think I will ever have...a pretty girlfriend." Seems like you are just as focused on looks as the girls you complain about! What about a girl who is average-looking, but that you actually like? Why do you have to have a girl that's considered beautiful? I notice this double standard a lot with guys - how come no pretty girls will go out with me just because I'm not good-looking? You're being just as superficial.

    If you want plastic surgery, get it. But no reputable plastic surgeon will do it unless you've had counselling, if you think it will solve your problems. Unless you are really hideous, I don't think it could have that much of an effect on other people.

    Have you tried counselling? It sounds like a good therapist could help you better than a website. Self-esteem is a complicated issue. I hope you are able to resolve it.

    • I guess everyone would like to have a good looking partner, but I don't mind a girl who is average looking to be my girl friend as long as we have common interest. However I wouldn't get to know more about her if I have this 'barrier' of thinking that they wouldn't be interested in me. Its hard to get rid of it because my pass experience is still haunting me. Just wondering what kind of counselling were you refering to that can fix up my self esteem. I am not hideous looking, maybe this can help.

    • I was thinking of cognitive-behaviour therapy. There is lots of information about it on the net. One of the best books about it is Feeling Good by David Burns. There's also the Feeling Good Handbook, which has some exercises and is less academic. Basically, it's about changing the way you think, which many psychologists believe is the root of most of our problems. It is therapy that relaly does work and doesn't have to take years. I really do wish you good luck!

    • if your ugly be deal just go for the girl like your a king.