Do you think it's possible to read people's true intentions/feelings over the internet?

I tend to think that you can, but I was wondering what other people thought. I try to guess how someone's feeling or something about them based on they way they type and write, without them saying it; sometimes I'm right, and sometimes they get mad and tell me I'm wrong and stupid for trying. I... Show More

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  • Sometimes you can read a person's intentions or feelings, but not always.

    I was talking to a guy I like on AIM one time (there was mutual interest), and I made a sarcastic comment, which I thought nothing of since I'm really sarcastic. I found out months later that he thought I hated him because he took the comment seriously.

    Moral of the story: Consider how something will come off before you write it, because people can't hear your tone of voice or read your body language over the internet.