Do you think it's possible to read people's true intentions/feelings over the internet?

I tend to think that you can, but I was wondering what other people thought. I try to guess how someone's feeling or something about them based on they way they type and write, without them saying it; sometimes I'm right, and sometimes they get mad and tell me I'm wrong and stupid for trying.

I know a lot of it depends on who you're talking to and how well you know them, but do you think you can pick up on things like sarcasm, anger, and legitimate excitement, or tell when someone's annoyed, irritated, depressed, etc?


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  • Sometimes you can read a person's intentions or feelings, but not always.

    I was talking to a guy I like on AIM one time (there was mutual interest), and I made a sarcastic comment, which I thought nothing of since I'm really sarcastic. I found out months later that he thought I hated him because he took the comment seriously.

    Moral of the story: Consider how something will come off before you write it, because people can't hear your tone of voice or read your body language over the internet.


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  • really? try it with one of questions one day hehe


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  • I think you can definately pick up on things online, texting etc. I mean it's just a part of instinct and passion for people and their trials.

    Books are meant to make you feel the same's no different then reading a story.

    Sometimes you can just feel it ...other times its hard to guess but here is a tip when it comes to feeling out things...

    Never make predictions when your tired, It seems like senses fail when your tired :(.

  • two faced people exist both on the net and in real life...fortunately, they are rare...they can fool you anywhere. Check this out, I have someone on my friend list who likes to taunt me anonymously link

    So yeah, people can fool you on the net...but they can in real life, too.