Guys with lots of girl friends?

You meet a guy and really start to like him... then you find out he has lots of friends that are girls. He tells you that they are all completely platonic...what do you think? Do you think he's gay? A player? A good guy that just hasn't found the right girl yet?


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  • I would tend to think he was a player, especially if he was affectionate with them. I would also look at how the female friends related to him. If they treated him like a brother, that's cool, but if they were all flirting with him and teasing him, then it wouldn't feel okay with me. I'd find another guy to date.

    • Its right to move on.

      Guys of such type are mainly playmakers.I too had experience of it when a boy having 12 girlfriends came to me and said

      These girls are damn boring.I had many talks to move further than friends to something more but they just smiled and left the talk in air.

      Such guys will talk to girls very attractively, showing their positive trats etc

      You can judge a boy's desire by watching his community circle or friends group

      Hopefully may be there.


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  • FAGG :p


    I wouldn't really think much about it.. maybe think that he enjoys drama more...? :p lol

    • What if it made the guy feel more secure that he could have good relationships with women? So when he is in a committed relationship he has a better understanding of what his girlfriend is thinking?

    • I don't think having a lot of female friends will improve a guy's relationship, or his understanding of it.

      Girls treat "guy friends" differently.

      i know 2 guys who hang out w/mostly girls, and they are both terrible at relationships.But they are really good at falling into the "friend zone", most of the time.

      Being friends and being in a committed relationship is totally different.

      The only way to improve your understanding of a certain girl is by being with her,

    • Spending time with her, and allowing her to be open with you.

      But anyways, I don't think guys with a lot of female friends are players. Not at all. I would think he is more sensitive than most guys, but not a player.

  • I would think that's perfect, because then you would understand and accept me having so many platonic guy friends

  • my guy best friend has a lot of female friends

    and everyone is dead straight on him being

    he has never been in a relationship

    he thinks relationships are meaningless unless you're thinking about marriage.

    he has never showed signs of liking any all.

    so he has no experience with relationships.

  • Hmm... well I live in a student house... all girls apart from 1 boy... he has way more female friends than male friends, and he is definitley not gay (he is going out with one of my other house m8s ya see)! So he could just get along better with girls? Doesn't have to mean he is a gay, a player or anything bad! x

  • Depends what he is like, I know one guy who only has girl friends but he does actually act gay, if a guy only has girl friends I would think he is gay. But if he has girl friends along with male friends I wouldn't think he is gay. And there is nothing wrong with having lots of girl friends but personally I wouldn't be able to date a guy like that because I am a really jealous person.

  • Player or gay. I hear a lot of guys are friends with girls because they want to get with them one day or already have. Some of them could be his exes.


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  • I have lots of friends who are girls. I'm not gay. (I have a few gay friends, too.) I dislike "players" and have never cheated on any of my previous girlfriends. I'm not secretly trying to hook up with any of my female-best-friends.

    I don't think this makes me a "good" or "bad" guy, it just means I have lots of female friends! It's actually pretty cool - they give me advice about girls and dating and sex, and they tell me all sorts of stuff that I would have never figured out on my own :)

  • I would presume he was:

    1- a player.

    2- gay.

    3- a "nice guy" who's hanging around these girls and acting like an emotional tampon after they get dumped by an endless series of "jerks", because he's terrified of rejection and afraid to ask them for a date, and who is hoping that one of the girls will eventually fall in love with him because they say he's such a catch, and thinks that going shopping with them and watching their dog when they're out of town is the way to a girl's heart rather than asking them on dates.

  • That guy with all the girls just might be the dominant male. Girls only act like sluts with the dominant male because they know they can. Just because a guy has a lot of girls doesn't mean he's gay; he just might be really popular or just fun to hangout with. Maybe just a guy with a bright future. The grass just might be greener.

  • You said it yourself there are three possibilities, gay, player and good guy. The best way to go about it is to figure he is a good guy and when he throws you a red flag towards the player or gay direction then call him on it, especially if he said himself he is the good guy that hasn't found the right girl yet( it could be true)

  • Wooo..Wooo...Wooo..Just cause a guy has a lot of girl friend doesn't mean he is gay. Maybe he is a real ladies man and not a player. I'd say I have to go for the guy that hasn't found the right girl. I have a lot of friends that are girls and it's not cause I'm a player but because I'm nice and I kind of have a protective trait to me that girls like.