Guys with lots of girl friends?

You meet a guy and really start to like him... then you find out he has lots of friends that are girls. He tells you that they are all completely platonic...what do you think? Do you think he's gay? A player? A good guy that just hasn't found the right girl yet?


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  • I would tend to think he was a player, especially if he was affectionate with them. I would also look at how the female friends related to him. If they treated him like a brother, that's cool, but if they were all flirting with him and teasing him, then it wouldn't feel okay with me. I'd find another guy to date.

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      Its right to move on.

      Guys of such type are mainly playmakers.I too had experience of it when a boy having 12 girlfriends came to me and said

      These girls are damn boring.I had many talks to move further than friends to something more but they just smiled and left the talk in air.

      Such guys will talk to girls very attractively, showing their positive trats etc

      You can judge a boy's desire by watching his community circle or friends group

      Hopefully may be there.