Not ready for a relationship??

I'm confused on what this girl is thinking. We were hanging out for about a month. She admitted she liked me and I like her. After this though she became more distant. Basically I was the one who had to start calling and setting everything up. So I decided to talk to her about this, which might have been a mistake. She ended up telling me nothing was wrong. She said right now she doesn't have time for a relationship but would like to keep hanging out together. This confused me even more. It wasn't like anything happened to create any bad feelings between us. So what could she be thinking? Should I give it awhile and start talking to her again? Sooner? Or just move on?


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  • I see this kind of question a lot, and I have to be honest, I have stated those deadly "im not ready for a relationship right now" words before, and I've heard them. To give you an example, back in october, I was hanging out with this guy, he told me he liked me, and wanted me to meet his family, then out of the blue he "wasnt ready for a relationship"..he told me he was confused, and didn't think he was over his ex...just recently, about a week ago, he apologized for what had happened, and said he wanted to take me out and start over...whether he actaully wasn't over his ex or was truly confused I will never no, nor do I really care at this point, because I've moved you have to take into consideration that maybe there may be an ex in the picture whom she's not full over...she may also be interested in another guy and once to keep you around just in case the other one doesn't work out...shes genuinly doesn't have time for a realtionship...or is just saying this to let you down wil never no what the reason is..personally, I say this to guys when I'm not ready to be in a relationship with THEM...i know how girls are when they are into a guy, and they WILL find the time to be with you, they would be too scared to lose you...but like I said from my experience the guys who have said this to me in my past HAVE eventually popped up wanting to try things over...if I were you I would pull back, once you pull back, you may naturally just move on, and realize your not as into her as you thought...either way, I wouldn't still be asking her to hang out and initiating contact because, from my past I no the worst thing you can do is wait stary trying to talk to other girls, let her be, people who say this normally need space..and if and when she decides to get in touch with you to start hanging out and talk, follow your gut, if she seems genuine and just needed time you will know...just don't sit around, pursuing her..

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      Sadly I'm going through the same thing, what p*ssed me off tho was that she showed major interest first and I grew to like her more. Then she hit me with that and said she was trying to get over some guy which I had no idea about at the time. Even now I can still see that she likes me and I like her but I'm not gonna let her hurt me over sum dumb stuff so I'm just letting it ride right now

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      Yepp exactly, just like that guy told me, he wasn't over his ex...maybe they really are telling the truth when they say that..only there actions after they say it will show if they were genuine, but its even more confusing if you can still see she likes you AFTER she said that...but that's good that your guna let it ride for now, you def don't want to get hung up on someone that's playing mind games

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      I agreed with you completely. Nice response!