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Is this an unforgivable offense?

I was seeing this guy for a few weeks, although I've known him for years. Things were going well until one night me and my friends got drunk. I asked... Show More

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  • Yeah I think to call someone gay when they are not is really bad but if you explained to him that it was just a joke or someone got hold of your phone then he should forgive you,I think he is overreacting just a bit ,but if you was talking to your Friends about him saying that you wanted him to come over and he said no and your Friend said well he must be gay that's just what he worked out in his head that's why he called you a liar.you should have just told him the truth,its got nothing to do with you your friend shud have apologised.

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  • Maybe he doesn't appreciate people who get drunk and is more put off by that than by the words texted. People who get drunk rarely understand that others don't like their friends to lose control to the point of doing stupid things like loaning their cell phone to another inebriated person (or worse)

  • I think its a MAJOR overreation on his part, I mean cmon take a f**ken joke.! your not in the wrong don't worry if he's gonna sook about it let him!

  • he should forgive u

    it ain't a big deal , you were drunk and ur friend did it

    it wasn't u

    • Thanks for answering! I think it was the fact I lied about it being somebody random who asked to borrow my phone that he's mad about. man I'm an idiot!

  • does he not have any friends that he went thru highschool with? unless your gay or under 18 a random text message saying "your gay" should not even stay in your mind long enough to be given a second thought

  • Wow, what an overreaction... lol

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  • It is a bit of an overreaction but perhaps its not exactly because of you. He was probably with someone who really hurt him because they lied too much and about important things. Now, even though it was a small lie he thinks you also will do the same thing. My ex lied to me a lot and he ended up really hurting me because of it, now honesty is the most important thing for me in a relationship.

    Give him some space to be mad and get over it, then in a week try contacting him again and talk about it. But from here on out, your going to have to be 100% honest with him so he knows he can trust you.

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