Staring at a girl?

When guys stare at a girl, what exactly are you thinking about? Are you fantasizing about her, thinking something specific, or what? Just curious


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  • Fat girl: "Eww, she's hideous. Look at her rolls, fat America at it's best here. Probably gives great head. "

    Cute girl's boobs: "wow, those are nice. Wish I had some sun shades on so I could stare without anyone noticing. Hmm. I wonder how much of that is bra. Who cares. "

    Cute girl's butt: "wow that is nice, Her butt's not as good as my girlfriend. "

    We just go from part to part and stare. Most guys given the chance will stare at a pretty girl for 5 minutes if he could without getting caught and deemed a creep.

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      Your comments are so funnyyy. LOL

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      What if it's at the face? And it's a softer stare than when he stares at a girls chest?