What does it feel like to wear a thong all day?

I LOVE girls that wear thong underwear. I've always wondered though how they can function having something permanently stuck between their butt cheeks all day. Don't get me wrong, it's sexy as hell, but sometimes just seeing one slip out gives me a wedgie sensation.

Since every girl I know wears them all the time, I'm curious to see if they are that great. I'm intrigued by the idea of a comfortable wedgie. ha ha. So basically I was thinking of buying a thong and wearing it for a day as a fun experiment of walking in someone else's shoes. It's weird I know, but I'm not gay and nobody will know I'm wearing it. I figure the worst that can happen is that I actually like them! haha. If nothing else I gain a greater appreciation for the girls that wear them.

So what do you think? Should I try it or is it way too weird? On one hand I'm curious to see what it is like, but on the other even I think it's really bizarre. ha ha. And does anyone know where I can pick up a man thong. I know they exist but I have no idea where to get one.

Weird Question, I know. Just wondering what you think. Thanks Everyone!


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  • I wear a thong because I always wear tight jeans, and any other type of underwear gets all scrunched up and uncomfortable. The first time I wore one though it did feel kind of odd.

    I would be freaked out if I found out a guy I knew wore a thong, but go ahead and try it out if you really want to.

    • Hahaha. Not to wear all the time but just once to see what they're like. I don't want to "freak anybody out." ha ha.

    • would you freaked out if it were a man thong?

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  • um all I have to say is it's uncomfortable. lol. I like boyshorts better

  • um my ex boyfriend was into dressing in my underwear lol. he didn't like the thong too much. but I guess, do what you feel comfortable.

  • woman wear thongs because men like thongs. Most things woman do hurts or is time consuming, just because men like them. Or because they don't want panty lines either way they are kind of uncomfortable.

    • I like how you tell it how it is, its like right to the point and stuff, haha

    • Lol, well I hate BS and beating around the bush. thanks though.

  • You know that wedgie sensation...well just imagine a whole day of it. If you want to know for sure go for it, but I think it is nuts :)

  • uncomfortable as hell. men suck when they want us to wear those. I think a G-string is less wedgie like, less to be wedged in, but maybe that's if you don't have a tight ass. I'm pretty sure they sell G-strings for guys.

  • I understand your curiosity. How can I function with a thong stuck between my butt cheeks all day? For ballet I barely can function without it! I had lots of comfort issues in my leotard and tights until I started wearing thong panties underneath. I was 13 then and have worn them ever since.

    I sympathize with you wanting to understand how a woman feels in a thong, but you're not a woman. Trying on a thong will just show you how it feels for a man to wear one.

    Explaining what you really want to know is like describing colors to the visually impaired. The best advice I can give you is to save the time, expense and potential discomfort by forgetting the whole thing. Thanks for your concern, but us ladies will be fine. It's no big deal.

  • Dude. It will hurt like hell if you do. So that's the most worst Idea that a guy can ever have! It will probably take a week for your balls to feel better.

  • like having a wedgie. I think its weird, lol.

  • *facepalm*


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  • If you try it now in response to recent curiosity, my guess is that you'll feel a little weird that day but ultimately end up not doing it, just because you may have accepted it as a "girl thing" and there's no real benefit for you in doing so that would counter the negatives (other people disapproving of it/ostracizing you).

    If, on the other hand, you repress this desire, it may eventually manifest itself as a fetish. Talking about it here is good but may or may not be enough to satisfy your curiosity (depending on the depth of your desire).

    That's what I think anyways.

  • Sure, why not? Your not hurting anyone, and you'll as you said get a greater appreciation for women that wear them. And who knows you might like them, I know some men do.
    I've heard women get used to having a string up their butt crack. I asked, because seriously, I can't see why you want a string up your bum. But I don't have a thong lol, and would be too afraid to buy one.

    So yeah, why not?

  • that... is... amazing!
    weird but amazing...
    go for it!

  • Go ahead, and while you do I'll be running a betting poll on how much longer you'll be straight.

    • This man is an idiot.

    • Speak for yourself kid. You obviously can't read sarcasm.

  • You have balls. Don't wear a thong. Common sense.

  • go for it ,hit a sex shop or the net to get them

  • try wearing a thong made for guys. I tried one out of curiosity and I've liked them ever since. just make sure you get one that fits the right way!

  • I wear thongs all day every day. They are the most comfortable underwear. But you gotta find one that fits properly. Check out ergowear. They are my favorite. And if you want check out my forum mens-thong-underwear. proboards. com where like minded guys talk about them and their experiences with them.

    Oh and my wife wears thongs as well. Not because i think they are hot, but because she thinks they are comfortable as well.

  • Thongs are really comfortable once you find the right size and fit. After that they feel so good. I wear thongs and g-strings every day.

  • Give it a go, I wear them everyday and love them. Bare in mind that it will take more than one day to see why we all wear them. Thongs take time to get used to but when you do, they're so cumfy!