When a guy says that a girl is "cool", what does that mean?

What on earth does this mean in "guy-speak" ? lol

When guys say that a girl is "cool", how is this supposed to be taken? Is this a compliment? Or, just a non-sensical comment?

Because IMO it sounds like the guy may like the girl as a FRIEND...but he doesn't view her romantically. :-/

Any thoughts?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Guy speak is not that complicated, cool means that he thinks the girl is likable and fun. As far as non-sensical, if he uses "cool" as some sort of verbal twitch where everything is cool, then perhaps it meant about as much as clearing a throat, other wise its a compliment. He could see her as a friend or could be interested in more, this comment says little either way, the person to ask would be him.